Jodi Arias: Life in Prison or Death Sentence?

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Jodi Arias is spending the next several days wondering what the jury decides regarding her fate. Their deliberations are expected to continue throughout a good portion of next week. Will they decide if Jodi Arias should live or should die instead?

The Jodi Arias case went to a jury this past Wednesday, following one final opportunity for her lawyer to plead for mercy on her behalf. Arias was convicted in 2013 of killing her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Travis Alexander, back in 2008. The trial became a media sensation, and reporters highlighted the gruesome details, which included Jodi Arias stabbing and shooting Alexander, as well as slitting his throat--almost to the point of decapitation.

Despite the efforts of her defense team, Arias claims she would rather die than to spend the rest of her life in prison.

“I believe death is the ultimate freedom," she said.

The defense tried painting a picture of Jodi Arias that sounds much different from that of a convicted murderer. Her lawyer, Kirk Nurmi, said Arias was humiliated sexually by Travis Alexander, and that Alexander was tormented--torn between his Mormon faith and his promiscuous sexual desires.

Prosecutor Juan Martinez insisted that Jodi Arias 'falsely attacked' Alexander's character to draw attention away from her own heinous acts.

This jury is the second to deliberate on what sentence Jodi Arias should receive. If this one is deadlocked--as was the last--the death sentence will no longer be an option, and a judge will determine how long she will spend in prison. A judge can still decide upon a life sentence.

Do you foresee Jodi Arias being sentenced to death or do you think she will be sentenced to life in prison instead? And will this jury decide her fate or will it be left in the hands of a judge instead?

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