Jodi Arias May Avoid Death Penalty After Doctor's Testimony On Boyfriend

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Jodi Arias and the jury selected to hear her case took a break over the long holiday weekend, but the trial resumed on Tuesday with a bang after Dr. Robert Geffner, a psychologist, took the stand and gave graphic testimony regarding Arias' ex-boyfriend and murder victim Travis Alexander and his penchant for sexual texts with other women.

"We are learning that Travis Alexander was a bit of a player. He liked to sext many women at the same time he was still seeing Jodi Arias," said courtroom blogger Jen Wood.

Arias was convicted in 2013 of the 2008 murder of Alexander after she admitted to killing him in self defense. The trial riveted the nation from the start, with Arias claiming that masked intruders had broken in and attacked her and Alexander, killing him and knocking her unconscious. Later, she recanted her story and said Alexander attacked her after a day of rough sex, and that she killed him when she felt threatened. He was found in his Arizona apartment with a slit throat, a gunshot to the head, and several stab wounds. Though she was convicted, the jury couldn't come to a decision about whether or not she deserves the death penalty, and a new trial was begun in order to make a determination. Now, with Dr. Geffner's testimony that Alexander may not have been who he presented himself to be, Jodi Arias might just have a shot at avoiding a death sentence.

"It supports their position that Travis Alexander treated women a certain way, presented himself to the Mormon community one way. But he was a highly sexual person, a little bit manipulative and controlling of women," analyst Beth Karas said.

Jodi Arias' defense team is arguing that she was on the receiving end of quite a bit of abuse and emotional damage, and this week's testimony may help the jury see why she did what she did.

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