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Tag: Dish Network

Amazon Brings $25/mo Wireless Phone Service to Prime Members
After weeks of rumors, Amazon has finally unveiled its wireless phone plans for Amazon Prime members....
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Ransomware Survival 101: Don’t Follow Dish Network’s Playbook
Dish Network customers are still in limbo, with few answers weeks after the company was crippled by ransomware....
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Dish Network Customer Data Stolen in Ransomware Attack
More details have emerged regarding Dish Network's recent outage, including the fact that customer data was stolen in the incident....
Read More Is Down, Employees Unable to Work
Dish Network is experiencing a major outage, one that has crippled its website and stopped employees from working....
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Disney Channels Are Back on Dish and Sling TV
Dish Network and Sling TV customers once again have access to Disney-owned channels after the two companies reached a tentative agreement....
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Dish Network and Sling TV Lose Disney-Owned Channels
Dish Network and its Sling TV streaming service have lost Disney-owned channels as a result of a contract dispute....
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DirecTV Joins SpaceX, OneWeb in Objecting to Dish Network’s 5G Plans
The hits keep on coming for Dish Network's 5G plans, with rival DirecTV contacting the FCC with concerns about the impact on satellite TV....
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OneWeb Throws Its Weight Behind SpaceX in Dish Network Dispute
SpaceX received some help from satellite internet competitor OneWeb, with the latter sending its own study to the FCC in support of SpaceX....
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Dish Network Fires Back at SpaceX ‘Misinformation Campaign’ on 12GHz 5G
Dish Network has helped publish a lengthy response to what it calls a “misinformation campaign” by SpaceX regarding Dish’s plans to use 12GHz sp...
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Nearly 100,000 Starlink Users Petition FCC to Block Dish’s 12GHz 5G
Starlink’s objections to Dish Network’s 5G plans have received a major boost, with nearly 100,000 users petitioning the FCC in support of Starlink...
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SpaceX Says Dish Network’s 5G Aspirations Could Render Starlink Internet ‘Unusable’
SpaceX has published an analysis raising alarms over Dish Network’s 5G network rollout, saying it will severely impact its own Starlink internet s...
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Dish Network Meets FCC Deadline For Its 5G Rollout to 120 Cities
Dish Network managed to meet the FCC deadline requiring it to expand its 5G service to 120 cities by June 14, 2022....
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Dish Bleeding Phone & TV Customers, Promises Major 5G Expansion
Dish Network's 5G ambitions are off to an ignominious start, with the company losing hundreds of thousands of phone customers, while still promising a...
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Dish Network Is Bleeding Customers, But Counting on 5G to Save It
Dish Network reported its fourth-quarter results, and the numbers weren't pretty as the company races to deploy its 5G network....
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DirecTV Prices Going Up in January
DirecTV is raising its streaming and satellite TV packages starting in January....
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Dish’s Boost Mobile Announces Its Own 5G Device
Dish Network’s Boost Mobile has announced the Celero5G, its own 5G device aimed at helping customers maximize their experience....
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Dish Taps 10x People to Manage Its 5G Phone Number Inventory
Dish Network has selected 10x People, LLC to manage its 5G phone number inventory as the company builds out its 5G network....
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Dish’s 5G Network Will Be Available in Beta End of September
Dish Network has announced its upcoming 5G network will be available in beta at the end of September....
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Dish Moving From T-Mobile to AT&T for Network Coverage
Dish Network has reach an agreement for AT&T to provide network coverage to its customers for the next ten years, at the cost of $5 billion....
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Dish Network Launches Site to Notify You When 5G is Available
Dish Network is gearing up to launch its 5G network, launching a website to inform users when it’s available....
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