Andreessen Horowitz Hires Maggie Leung As It Doubles Down On Media Strategy

Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) has hired Maggie Leung, a well-known journalist, as executive editor as the company doubles down on its media efforts.

Scientists May Be Able to Create Oxygen on Mars

Scientists may have discovered a way to create oxygen on Mars, a crucial step toward long-term colonization.

Salesforce Plus Slack Equals a Battle Over the Cloud

Salesforce announced its much-anticipated acquisition of Slack earlier today, sparking nothing short of a battle over the cloud.

Professor Scott Galloway: Amazon May Spin Off AWS

Amid increased antitrust scrutiny, at least one expert is predicting Jeff Bezos and Amazon may spin off AWS.

Coronavirus: Apple, Netflix and Others Pull Out of SXSW Conference

Apple and Netflix are among the latest companies to pull out of the South by Southwest Conference scheduled for March 13 in Austin, Texas.

Experts Worried About Impact of Wuhan Lockdown

Wuhan may be known as the first place the new coronavirus was identified, but it’s also a center of transport and manufacturing. Now experts are concerned the former may have significant impacts on the latter, according to Bloomberg. As of…

Amazon Wants Court To Block Microsoft From Working On Pentagon Contract

In what seems to be a never-ending saga, Amazon is preparing to ask a federal court for a temporary injunction preventing Microsoft from working on the Pentagon’s JEDI contract, according to CNN. Microsoft beat out IBM, Oracle and Amazon for…

CES 2020: Ring Adds Privacy Control Center In Wake Of Hacks

In the wake of multiple hacks and a subsequent lawsuit, Ring is off to a promising start at CES 2020, unveiling a new privacy Control Center, according to CNN. Ring has had a tough few weeks as multiple incidents surfaced…

China Moving Toward Stronger Intellectual Property Protections

CNN is reporting that China is investigating stronger measures to protect intellectual property rights. Intellectual property (IP) has been one of the battlegrounds in the U.S. and China’s trade war. China has a long history of lax IP protections, especially…

Rachel Nichols Reportedly Leaving CNN to Return to ESPN

Rachel Nichols is reportedly leaving CNN to return to ESPN. According to media reports, including the Chicago Tribune, Nichols will rejoin ESPN in early 2016, serving as an anchor and reporter. Reports also claim she will anchor her own program.…