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Foursquare Brings Real Mayorships to Swarm
When Foursquare decided to build an completely separate app for check-ins and strip the “gamification” element out of the flagship app, th...
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Tic-Tac-Go Scales Up Classic Game by Turning It into a Check in-Driven Scavenger Hunt
It’s highly likely that you’ve spent countless school days, work meetings, and beach hangouts casually scribbling games of tic-tac-toe. It...
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Checking in with Swarm Just Got Much Easier
If you’re an iOS user who loves to check-in with Foursquare’s Swarm app, but feel it’s too much effort to open the app and tap a few...
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Foursquare Check-ins Are Now Dead for Windows Phone Users Too As Swarm Launches
Foursquare warned you a couple weeks ago, and today’s the day. Swarm, Foursquare’s check-in-devoted app, is now available on Windows Phone...
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Foursquare’s New, Still Check In-Less App Is Here
Foursquare went and pissed a bunch of people off when they decided to “unbundle” and separate the core functions of their main app into tw...
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Foursquare Check-ins Are Dead, Users Now Prompted In-App to Download Swarm
As promised, it’s happened. Foursquare has eliminated the check-in functionality on their main app, ahead of a big redesign and refoucusing effo...
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Foursquare: Swarm Is Handling the Majority of Check-ins
Back in May, local recommendation and check-in app Foursquare decided that to survive and flourish, they were going to have to split apart. The compan...
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Foursquare Finally Moves Beyond the Check-In by Ditching It
Foursquare has been incredibly quiet since late last year. In December, the company touted 45 million users and $35 million in new funding–but since...
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Foursquare Touts 45M Users, $35M in New Funding
It’s been a big, transformative year for location-focused app Foursquare. For the past year, Foursquare has been making both incremental and mon...
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Foursquare Begins Showing Ads After Check-Ins
Brace yourselves, Foursquare users – you’re about to see more ads. Foursquare has just begun to roll out a new type of ad unit – ads...
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Foursquare Expands Its Reach with New Nokia App
Foursquare has just expanded its reach in a big way, possibly bringing its app to millions upon millions of people around the world who have never had...
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Foursquare Now Lets You Check-In Your Friends
I guess Foursquare just made a lot of users happy. That is if what they say is correct, and this really was the most-requested feature. Anyway, Foursq...
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Foursquare’s Time Machine Is an Awesome New Visualization that Tracks All Your Past Check-ins
Foursquare has a history of thinking up some pretty stunning visualizations. With all of that check-in data (over 4 billion), it’s no wonder. In...
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Foursquare Day Celebrated with Cool Visualization of Your Year of Check-ins
Well guys, it’s 4/16, April 16th, which means its officially Foursquare Day (four, squared). It’s the fourth annual celebration of Foursqu...
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Foursquare 6.0 Launches As a True Local Search and Recommendation App
Foursquare has been improving their service in the hopes of “moving beyond the check-in” for some time now. Today, they’ve released ...
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Foursquare Enables Faster Tap-and-Hold Check-ins
If you want to check-in on Foursquare more often, but think the process takes too long, today’s iOS update is for you. Foursquare is now letting...
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Foursquare Partners with Visa, MasterCard for Amex-Like Offers
In early 2011, Foursquare and American Express launched a partnership that allowed card-owners to score discounts and cashback by using Foursquare to ...
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Hartsfield-Jackson Airport (ATL) Hits a Million Check-ins on Foursquare (That’s a First)
Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is known as the world’s busiest airport, serving over 250,000 passengers daily and over...
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Foursquare’s Voice Media Group Data Integration Goes Live
Last month, Foursquare announced a partnership with Voice Media Group, publishers of regional magazines like Miami New Times, L.A. Weekly, and Village...
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Foursquare Uses 3B Check-ins, 10M Tips to Construct ‘Best of’ Lists for 30 U.S. Cities
Foursquare has just launched a new “Best of” page that makes use of nearly 3 billion check-ins from over 30 million users worldwide. The B...
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