Foursquare Check-ins Are Now Dead for Windows Phone Users Too As Swarm Launches

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Foursquare warned you a couple weeks ago, and today's the day. Swarm, Foursquare's check-in-devoted app, is now available on Windows Phone. That means that checking in on the main Foursquare app is on the way out (if your check-in functionality hasn't already been disabled).

"We’re so excited to announce Swarm is now available to download on Windows Phone. It’s the best way to keep up and meet up with your friends," says Foursquare of the new Swarm app. Many may argue that the old Foursquare app was a good enough way to keep up with friends – but alas, the unbundling has already occurred.

Just like Facebook with the big Facebook Messenger unbundle, Foursquare has received quite a bit of backlash over their decision to remove the check-in aspect of the main Foursquare app and relegate it to a new app, called Swarm. If it ain't broke, don't fix it seems to be the general idiomatic outcry from many users.

But according to Foursquare, it was broken, in a way. Foursquare wants to compete in the word of the Yelps as a true local search and recommendation tool, and the check-in was getting in the way.

"We spend a lot of time talking to people about Foursquare, and we constantly hear they use Foursquare for two things – to keep up and meet up with their friends, and to discover great places. Every month, tens of millions of people open up the app to do each." said Foursquare upon announcing Swarm.

"But, as it turns out, each time you open the app, you almost always do just one of those things. At home, you may be searching for a place for dinner. After dinner, you are probably looking to see what friends nearby are up to. That’s why today, we’re announcing that we’re unbundling these two experiences into two separate apps – Foursquare, and a new app called Swarm."

'Moving beyond the check-in' has been a battle cry of CEO Dennis Crowley and the Foursquare clan for years, and they've finally done it. Foursquare's brand new app debuted on iOS and Android last week.

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