Foursquare Day Celebrated with Cool Visualization of Your Year of Check-ins

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Well guys, it's 4/16, April 16th, which means its officially Foursquare Day (four, squared). It's the fourth annual celebration of Foursquare, an event that was first begun as a grassroots effort and has morphed into a much larger-scale app-holiday that finds businesses everywhere offering deals and specials in celebration.

For instance this year, Foursquare gave small businesses an incentive to offer specials today. They offered to feature any and all businesses who participated in the search results on

"From checking in, to uploading tips, photos, and addresses, to telling friends about the app, the 33 million people on Foursquare have brought us to where we are today. Four years and over 3.5 billion check-ins since we launched, our community-created map of the world is more complete than ever," says Foursquare.

In celebration of the 4th Foursquare Day, Foursquare has created a new interactive visualization that lets you look at your past year of check-ins in a few interesting ways.

First, you can organize them linearly by time, and then you can randomize them.

But the coolest ways to look at the past year of data is by category (food, nightlife, professional, shops, travel, etc):

And by connections, which will show you an awesome map of how you traveled between your check-ins:

You can check out your own visualization here.

It's been a big year for Foursquare, complete with a bunch of core changes to the service that put more emphasis on search and recommendations than the app has ever done before. No bigger, though, than the recent update to version 6.0. Foursquare also announced $41 million in funding.

Also, remember to check-in today to receive your special 4sqDay 2013 badge. Foursuare may not be putting as much of an emphasis on the gamification aspect of the service, but that doesn't mean that users still don't love their badges.

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