Checking in with Swarm Just Got Much Easier

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If you're an iOS user who loves to check-in with Foursquare's Swarm app, but feel it's too much effort to open the app and tap a few buttons – then today is your lucky day.

The new version of Swarm is out, and in it is a widget designed for super fast check-ins.

Once you enable the widget, all you have to do is swipe down to access your "today" view (even from the lock screen) and check in with a single tap. Of course, Swarm is guessing where you are based on your location – so the suggested check-in may not always be accurate. But from my experience with Foursquare and now Swarm, the company does a pretty good job of guessing.

The widget view will also show you a abbreviated list of friends who are nearby.

For people who love to check in, the more seamless, the better. This most certainly qualifies.

A few months ago, Foursquare announced that it would be ditching check-ins in its flaghsip app and instead building a dedicated check-in app (Swarm). The decision didn't sit well with many fans of the app, who decried the unbundling of features as totally unnecessary. Foursquare, for its parts, wants to turn the Foursquare App into a true search and local discovery tool – and ditching check-ins was a way to laser its focus.

Swarm suffered blowback early on, but based on app reviews and social media chatter, many users are finally accepting – if not liking – the new app.

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