Foursquare Integrates School Stats from ProPublica

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Foursquare has been getting better over the past year or so by adding more information to check-ins. Their list of connected apps has grown to include some pretty useful apps like GeoPollster, which will tell you if the business you just checked-in at supports Democrats, Independent, or Republican candidates with their campaign contributions. Or After Credits, an app that I particularly like which tells you whether or not you need to stay for any bonus scenes after the movie you just checked-into.

Today, Foursquare is announcing a new connected app - ProPublica's Opportunity Gap.

When you check into a school, the app will give you a fact about the school: facts like "did you know 7% of students at PS 234 Independence School receive free or reduced lunch?"

You can then click through to access a more-detailed set of statistics like the number of students, teachers, AP courses offered, "inexperienced teachers," and more.

"With their new Foursquare integration, you can connect your Foursquare account to instantly see statistics for schools you’ve checked in to before. And when you’re out, you can instantly get stats about a school on your phone whenever you check in to one. It’s a great example of how news organizations can use Foursquare to reach their readers with relevant information when they’re out in the real world," says Foursquare.

"A year ago when we launched the first version of our "Opportunity Gap" news application, we tightly integrated Facebook in order to make it easy for readers to compare schools and share their school comparisons. Today's relaunch adds Foursquare, along with adding a slew of new data to the app as well as algorithmically generate narratives by Narrative Science," says ProPublica.

Data should be available for around 50,000 schools, they say.

You can connect your Foursquare account to the app and start receiving school info by going here.

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