Foursquare's Time Machine Is an Awesome New Visualization that Tracks All Your Past Check-ins

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Foursquare has a history of thinking up some pretty stunning visualizations. With all of that check-in data (over 4 billion), it's no wonder. In the past they've tracked the effect of Hurricane Sandy on New York City check-ins, shown what 500 million check-ins look like, and made an interactive visualization composed of all your check-ins as a celebration for 4sq Day.

But this is probably the coolest one they've ever done.

Meet the Foursquare Time Machine, an interactive visualization of every check-in you've ever made - starting from the very beginning.

Once you start, the Time Machine flies through all of your check-ins - they do it fast but it's mesmerizing to watch yourself hop across town. You can pause it at any time and see a map of your check-ins in relation to the past. It'll tell you the number of miles since your last check-in, and where you went next.

For someone who drinks too much beer (probably, it's debatable), this is awesome. It's like Foursquare wants to help me remember what I did every weekend for the last three years. Terrific.

You'll also find some cool stats - most popular days of the week for check-ins, top places and categories, etc.

Seriously. This is fun. Check it out here.

Josh Wolford
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