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Tag: April Fools Day

Jill Duggar: ’19 Kids and Counting’ Star One Week Overdue, Brother Congratulates Her on Birth of Twins
Jill Duggar of 19 Kids and Counting fame is now six days overdue. She and Derick Dillard are patiently awaiting the birth of ‘Baby Dilly.’...
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Stop Working and Go Play Pac-Man in Google Maps
I don’t know if you have important things to get done today, but if not you should probably head over to Google Maps and play some Pac-Man. It&#...
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Haylie Duff Is Engaged To Matt Rosenberg
Actress Haylie Duff may be getting ready to settle down, as it was just announced that she is engaged to Matt Rosenberg. She is the older, and slightl...
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Real-Life Spider-Man Fights Crime in New York
Late last year theater troupe Improv Everywhere (the people behind the yearly “no pants subway ride“)released a series of videos based on ...
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Netflix Releases New Original ‘Sizzling Bacon’
Netflix is promoting a new “original” on its homepage today. It’s called Sizzling Bacon. It appears to only have a single episode so...
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Google Maps Adds Pokemon Challenge Mini-Game
The Google Maps division over at Google today announced a new Pokemon-branded mini-game that has come to the Google Maps app. The game challenges Goog...
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Google Introduces ‘Gmail Shelfie’ For April Fools’ Day
Google has already started with this year’s April Fools’ silliness. On the Gmail blog, they announced “Gmail Shelfie,” a way t...
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Googlers Turn Sergey Brin’s Tesla into a Pink Batmobile for April Fools
Now this is an April Fool’s Day prank on the boss. Apparently, some Google execs decided to mess with co-founder Sergey Brin’s car earlier...
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Play-Doh Enters The World Of 3D Printing
The Play-Doh playsets of my childhood were kind of like 3D printers. You would put the Play-Doh into the machine, turn a crank, and shapes would come ...
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Forget The Galaxy S 4: Samsung’s Eco Tree Is Where The Innovation’s At
Samsung is no stranger to eco-friendly business practices. Late last year, the company announced that it was the only mobile phone manufacturer to be ...
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SoundCloud Unveils the Dropometer to Ruin Every Dubstep Song You Know
In one of my favorite internet-related April Fools jokes of the day, SoundCloud has just introduced the Dropometer (trademarked, of course). The Dropo...
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Sega Brings Goat Processing To Its Stable Of Classic Titles
Sega defenders of the early 90s had one trump card in fights with Nintendorks – blast processing. The fabled technology allowed Sega Genesis gam...
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Sony Taps Into The Lucrative Tech For Pets Market
Pet supplies is a multi-billion dollar industry, but one sector of this lucrative market has been ignored for far too long. Sony is aiming to remedy t...
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Hulu Adds TV Shows Within TV Shows To Its Lineup
There is a lot of quality television within television. For example, The Simpsons introduced us to the colorful antics of Itchy and Scratchy many year...
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Wolfram Alpha Offers Handwritten Results for April Fools
If there’s one thing that the internet lacks, it’s quality handwritten content. For decades, computers have been slowly but surely killing...
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Video Call Your Friends From Outer Space With Skype
Skype is pretty much everywhere these days. Millions of people around the world use it to communicate with friends and family. What are you going to d...
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Bing’s New SEO Tags Let You Tell Them Exactly Where You Should Rank (April Fools’)
Attention SEOs: Bing is finally rewarding you for all your hard work. Starting today, new Bing SEO tags let you tell Bing exactly where your page shou...
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Google Fiber Poles Is One April Fools’ Joke That Should Become Reality
Google loves to announce fake products and services on April Fools’ Day, and I’m fine with some products remaining pranks. Its latest joke...
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Twitter’s No-Vowel ‘Twttr’ Prank Is the Scariest of the Day
It’s kind of become a tradition as of late that every year, on April Fools’ Day, tech companies try to one-up each other on who can announ...
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XKCD Wins April Fool’s Day With Amazing Changing Comic Gag
Everybody loves a good April Fool’s Day gag. Okay, not everybody. Most people love a good April Fool’s Day gag, and these days it seems li...
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