Video Call Your Friends From Outer Space With Skype

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Skype is pretty much everywhere these days. Millions of people around the world use it to communicate with friends and family. What are you going to do when you're no longer on the planet though? How will you communicate with your family as you're traveling to Alpha Centauri?

To further the cause of space exploration and communication, Skype announced a new service that lets space explorers connect to those who matter most. It's called Skype into Space and it brings the "best parts of Skype... into the cosmos."

Of course, communicating in space does present some unique challenges so Skype is introducing a number of new features to accomodate space travel:

  • Automatic video rotation If you float around in zero gravity while on a video call, the person you’re calling will always see you the right way up.
  • Extreme gravitational resilience Planning an extreme sports trip past a supermassive black hole? Don’t worry, Skype into Space can work through gravitational fields that don’t even let light through.
  • Instant messaging in space Looking to find a new life form? You’ll be able to send instant messages to any part of space, however we can’t guarantee that the potential recipient will have evolved eyes to read them with.
  • Additional language support Our experimental linguists are standing by to learn the languages of any new life forms we come across. We aim to make Skype into Space a truly universal experience.
  • You've probably already guessed as much, but this is indeed Skype's April Fools' Day prank. Unfortunately, Skype didn't build an elaborate landing page for its new fake service. All we have is the above image of what Skype into Space may one day look like when we are actually able to travel further through space and communicate across the cosmos.