SoundCloud Unveils the Dropometer to Ruin Every Dubstep Song You Know

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In one of my favorite internet-related April Fools jokes of the day, SoundCloud has just introduced the Dropometer (trademarked, of course).

The Dropometer is simple, but oh so very useful. All it does is tell you the exact point in a dubstep song at which you can expect the drop.

"The drop in a track can be unpredictable and surprising. Some of you have even told us that you find it unsettling, not knowing when to expect that sense of overwhelming euphoria. Inspired by your feedback, we’ve invented the Dropometer. Using a unique algorithm (patent pending), the Dropometer is designed to help you prepare yourself for the big moment, whether that means getting in the mental space where you can really break it down, or fixing yourself a fortifying snack," says SoundCloud.


While the Dropometer was created with dubstep in mind, you can find it on plenty of other songs from other styles of music. But you shouldn't expect the "drop" in that Beatles song to blow your mind.

Some people over on the SoundCloud blog are kind of missing the point.

"I really don't see the point of this...where's the fun in ruining the surprise of a drop? writes one angry commenter.

"This is probably the dumbest thing I've ever seen. Ever. Just to be clear, you guys think we're complete retards right? That's the only way something like this can be even thought of," says another.

It looks like some SoundCloud users forgot to check the date.

[Photo via Sharif Sharifi, Flickr]
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