Forget The Galaxy S 4: Samsung's Eco Tree Is Where The Innovation's At

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Samsung is no stranger to eco-friendly business practices. Late last year, the company announced that it was the only mobile phone manufacturer to be granted a carbon footprint certification in the UK. Now its stepping up its duty as a good corporate citizen by making a new eco-friendly product available to all.

Samsung announced today its intentions to release the smart Eco Tree. These trees have a number of useful features that will make them an excellent addition to the planet. As Samsung points out, these new Eco Trees can filter CO2 and replace it with oxygen. Doing so requires no energy input on our parts as these Eco Trees come with natural solar panels in the form of leaves.

Of course, Eco Trees aren't just for producing oxygen. These new devices have a number of features that make them a great addition to any location:

Group Play

You can incorporate many Eco Trees together to increase the effect of the functions described above. Group Play usually results in positive synergies such as preventing soil erosion.


When given the right care, Eco Trees provide S-eeds for SMART Sharing. Share your Eco Trees with friends and family. SMART Share is free of cost.

Evolution Kit

Take care of your Eco Tree! Evolution Kits are consisted of S Beams, water, fertilizers, etc. By applying these elements, you can help grow your Eco Tree. Enjoy the latest features of your Eco Tree. It’s just like upgrading to a taller, stronger, state-of-the-art Eco Tree every year!


Various accessories, including but not limited to swings, tires, ladders, tents, tree houses are available at dealers near you. Try the latest most innovative accessories on your Eco Tree.

Special Editions

Select models are also available that provide food, entertainment and offer habitats for wild animals. Eco Tree ‘mini’ are also available for indoor application.

Samsung's attempt at an April Fools' Day joke is a reminder that Earth Day is right around the corner. Samsung will be celebrating the holiday on April 22 and wants everybody to know what it is doing to promote sustainability.

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