Gmail Tap: LL Cool J Tells You Everywhere You Can Tap It

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"You can tap it in the morning, you can tap it in the kitchen, you can tap it at night, you can tap it in the bathroom, you can tap it, you know, on a seesaw."

Those are some of the advantages to Gmail Tap, Google's revolutionary new service that simplifies the keyboard. Are your fingers too fat for all the keys that are packed into a normal qwerty keyboard? Google's solution is to whittle that down to only two buttons. A dot, and a dash.

Yesterday, Google continued their tradition of unveiling oftentimes fake products or making fake announcements on April Fool's Day by introducing Gmail Tap, telling us to "tap into the future of writing emails on the go." In short, it's morse code. If you missed yesterday's video, you can check it out below:

The current version of Gmail Tap features only a dot and a dash, as well as a space bar "to increase typing speeds." It also includes multi-email mode, allowing users to split the screen and type two separate messages at the same time. According to the team, we can look forward to table tap, which will allow for microphones enabled offscreen tapping as well as double black diamond mode, which "adds a third, fourth and more keyboards for writing up to 8 messages at once."

Now, Google has released some more behind-the-scenes footage from the Gmail Tap team. Check out what the Product Lead, Todd Smith, has to say about the project:

One YouTuber made a point that many people find themselves making about lots of Google April Fool's jokes: "Why can't this be real." I can definitely see people jumping on the Morse code train, can't you? UPDATE: You can actually install the Morse Keyboard, available for Android at Google Play.

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