Hulu Adds TV Shows Within TV Shows To Its Lineup

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There is a lot of quality television within television. For example, The Simpsons introduced us to the colorful antics of Itchy and Scratchy many years ago. More recently, Queen of Jordan has taken the world by storm in 30 Rock. Now all these shows are coming to one place.

Hulu announced today it has acquired all the classic TV shows within TV shows that you love. It all starts with a celebration of the 85th anniversary of The Itchy and Scratchy Show. Hulu says that it has acquired almost all 63,764 episodes of the long running TV show, with only seven episodes being banned for "nonviolence, understanding, and helping.

The other shows coming to Hulu include Inspector Spacetime, MILF Island, Mock Trial with J. Reinhold, Ya Heard? with Perd, Queen of Jordan, Space Teens, and Numberwang.

Hulu isn't just adding notable TV shows to its lineup today as it has also acquired the classic direct-to-TV film - The Rural Juror. The film, starring Jenna Maroney, is a seven-hour epic that rivals any John Grisham novel adaptation.

All of this is Hulu's April Fools' Day prank, but the site really is hosting most of this content today. Now's your chance to watch all the best episodes of Itchy and Scratchy if you find yourself missing one of the greatest TV shows within a TV show ever made.

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