Real-Life Spider-Man Fights Crime in New York

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Late last year theater troupe Improv Everywhere (the people behind the yearly "no pants subway ride")released a series of videos based on iconic movie moments. Titled "Movies in Real Life," the series took actors into very public places to re-create these movie moments for the enjoyment of passers-by.

The series was led by a recreation of the famed Rocky II run in Philadelphia, for which over 100 children were recruited. The series went on to spoof scenes from Jurassic Park, A Christmas Story, and Harry Potter. The group also stage the largest When Harry Met Sally reenactment ever with 20 women simultaneously screaming in ecstasy.

This week Improv Everywhere released one extra segment for the "Movies in Real Life" series. With The Amazing Spider-Man 2 set to premiere in U.S. theaters in one month, it is not surprising that the famed superhero is the subject of the latest video.

Watch as the stunt man swings from the top of a Manhattan skyscraper to rescue the would-be Mary Jane:

Even given the harness worn by the Spider-Man, the video was quite obviously dangerous, and probably impossible. It is for these reasons and more that the video is easily exposed as the April Fools' Day prank that it is.

Improv Everywhere has now admitted that the video is the group's annual April Fools' Day prank. The stuntman dressed as Spider-Man did not actually jump off a building toward a crowded New York street. Instead, the crowd's reactions were actually those of Improv Everywhere members faking surprise and delight. Even the rope ride at the end of the video was filmed against a green screen.

Last year's April Fools' Day prank was similarly impossible, with Improv Everywhere claiming to havve hundreds of actors walk backwards to simulate time reversing in Times Square. Previous years have included pranks such as a Jar-Jar Binks beating on a subway car and "no underwear" twist to the group's yearly subway ride.

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