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AT&T the First Carrier to Use GPS for 911 Location
AT&T claims it is the first US carrier to switch over to using GPS for 911 location....
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PSA: Update Microsoft Teams on Android Now
If you’re running Microsoft Teams on Android, you should update immediately to avoid a bug that crippled 911 calling....
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Microsoft Teams and Android 10 or Later Preventing 911 Calls
Google is warning that having Microsoft Teams installed, but not logged in on Android 10 or later can prevent 911 calls....
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Hostage Asks for Help via Pizza Hut App: ‘Get 911 to me’
In Florida (where else), a quick-thinking woman and her children are safe after she placed the most important pizza order of her life. According to th...
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Dumb People Keep Calling 911 When Facebook Goes Down
Apparently, people didn’t get the memo the last time this happened. As you may know, Facebook and Instagram suffered a major outage on Monday. I...
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Andrea Tantaros On CIA Torture: ‘America is Awesome’
Responding to a declassified CIA torture report concerning post-9/11 detainees, which included mentions of extreme waterboarding and “rectal fee...
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Freedom Tower: One World Trade Center Officially Open
One World Trade Center is officially open for business. According to a New York Times report publishing company Condé Nast moved employees into the b...
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911 Butt-Dial Features Robbery Details, Bon Jovi
A couple of cowboys will likely be riding their steel horses all the way to the clink after accidentally butt-dialing 911 shortly after they allegedly...
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Annasophia Robb Talks Charity, Mother
Annasophia Robb was at the annual Cantor Fitzgerald and BG&C Charity Day event on Thursday. It also happened to be 9/11, which is the purpose of ...
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AnnaSophia Robb Helps Raise Millions
AnnaSophia Robb was one of the celebrities that were on hand to help raise money for charity at the Cantor Fitzgerald and BG&C Charity Day event ...
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Westboro Baptist Claims Plans to Picket 9/11 Memorial on 9/11
In one of the more despicable moves they have tried, the Patriot Wing of the Westboro Baptist Church famously used the occasion of the September 11, 2...
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Mom Calls Police on Porn-Watching Son
In you-might-be-struggling-with-self-validation-but-you’re-definitely-a-better-parent-than-this-lunatic news, a Spartansburg, South Carolina wom...
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Idiots Reportedly Called 911 When Facebook Was Down
What the hell is wrong with people? About four hours ago, Facebook went down. Like really down. Many users worldwide were unable to access the social ...
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The Market For Tragedy: 9/11 Museum Gift Shop
Right now you can buy a $110 talking Osama Bin Laden action figure on eBay if your heart so desires. If you don’t want to waste your money, you have...
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Ground Zero Victims Moved To 9/11 Museum
The remains of 1,100 unidentified 9/11 victims were moved from the New York Medical Examiner’s office to a repository at Ground Zero on Saturday...
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USS Somerset Commissioned In Honor Of Flight 93
On March 1, the USS Somerset was commissioned to become a Navy warship to honor Flight 93, which was hijacked and headed for Washington D.C., but cras...
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9/11 ‘Truther’ Disrupts Super Bowl Press Conference (VIDEO)
“Investigate 9/11. 9/11 was perpetrated by people within our own government.” Those were the words said by 30-year-old Matthew Mills, an indep...
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911 Operator Laughs at a Woman on Fire [AUDIO]
Imagine that an accident left your car and girlfriend on fire–pretty horrifying, right? Well, apparently it’s more of a laughing matter th...
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Mali Explosion: Will Terror Spread to Europe and America?
In the aftermath of suicide bombings in the vicinity of a military camp in Mali’s northern city of Timbuktu on Saturday, Malian armed forces and...
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Declassified NSA Documents Reveal Privacy Violations
Following pressure from lawsuits by both the ACLU and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the federal government has released 14 documents concerning ...
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