Hostage Asks for Help via Pizza Hut App: 'Get 911 to me'

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In Florida (where else), a quick-thinking woman and her children are safe after she placed the most important pizza order of her life.

According to the Highlands County Sheriff's Office, Cheryl Treadway used the 'additional comments' section inside the Pizza Hut app to order up some assistance.

"Please help. Get 911 to me," she typed. "911hostage help!"

When the strange order came through to Pizza Hut, the employees recognized her as a frequent customer and called the police.

"Deputies responded to the Pizza Hut and to the delivery location for the order. Upon arrival at the home, deputies were greeted by a female, Cheryl Treadway, carrying a small child in her arms. She related to deputies that her boyfriend, Ethan Nickerson, was in the home armed with a knife and that her other two children were also in the home with him. After she was escorted to safety, deputies approached the home. Lieutenant Curtis Ludden began to speak with Mr. Nickerson through the closed door of the home. After about 20 minutes, Lieutenant Ludden was able to talk him into coming out peacefully. The other two children were then removed from the home, unharmed," says a report from the Sheriff's department.

Apparently, Treadway and Nickerson had been arguing. When Treadway tried to leave, Nickerson allegedly took her phone and threatened her with a "large knife". At one point, Treadway convinced him to let her order a pizza.

WFLA says that police think Nickerson was high on meth. Again, it is Florida.

Treadway's quick thinking may have saved her life, and thank god the kids are safe. Nickerson has been charged with aggravated assault, battery, and false imprisonment. No word on whether the pizza was ever delivered.

Image via WFLA

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