911 Butt-Dial Features Robbery Details, Bon Jovi

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A couple of cowboys will likely be riding their steel horses all the way to the clink after accidentally butt-dialing 911 shortly after they allegedly stole a man's TV.

Aaron Burrell, 37, and Yvonne Thyberg, 35, of Roswell, New Mexico detailed their crime to no doubt incredibly amused dispatchers after accidentally dialing 911 during their getaway.

Here are some of the gems that police picked up from the unintentional broadcast:

"You basically robbed them, dude."

"That was an adrenaline rush for a minute. You know what, that's the first thing I've stolen."

"Yeah, we picked up this f-cking TV set totally and we f-cking wheeled it out the house."

"We should have gotten a lot more, but you know what, I'm looking at it like this – we got away safe, clean."

At one point, the couple starts blasting Bon Jovi's "Wanted Dead or Alive" because of course they do. You really can't make this up:

In all, police have about 45 minutes of material from the butt-dial. Burrell even led police directly to the house, saying “we rolled over to Hervey Street and took it out of the f-cking house."

The funny thing about this – other than every single thing about this – is that this happens a lot more than you might think. A few years ago, a couple of idiots who had just stolen a bunch of video games from Target butt-dialed police, unknowingly detailing their crime to officers for over an hour. A couple of years ago a guy butt-dialed 911 during a drug deal. And just last year, Florida Man butt-dialed 911 and detailed a murder plot.

Be careful, criminals. Your passcode won't help you when it comes to making emergency calls.

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