Andrea Tantaros On CIA Torture: 'America is Awesome'

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Responding to a declassified CIA torture report concerning post-9/11 detainees, which included mentions of extreme waterboarding and "rectal feeding," conservative political analyst and commentator Andrea Tantaros declared that "America is awesome."

The Senate Intelligence Committee poured $50 million into an investigation of the CIA's torture tactics of the 119 captured militants after 9/11, and the 499 page report was released Tuesday. The document summarizes methods of torture utilized by CIA operatives that exceeded guidelines authorized by the White House, CIA officials and the Justice Department.

The report describes severe methods allegedly incorporated by some CIA officers, who "deceived their superiors at the White House, members of Congress and even sometimes their own peers about how the interrogation program was being run and what it had achieved."

The report reveals that one detainee died of hypothermia while being shackled to a concrete floor, one was placed in total darkness for 17 days and some were kept awake for up to 180 hours. Waterboarding sessions which lead to repeated near drownings were described, and some prisoners were forced to stand on their broken legs. At least five were subjected to "rectal feeding" and "rectal rehydration."

During an appearance on FOX's Outnumbered, a visibly perturbed Tantaros commented on the released documents - "the United States of America is awesome, we are awesome. We've closed the book on torture, and we've stopped doing it. And the reason they want to have this discussion is not to show how awesome we are. This administration wants to have this discussion to show us how we're not awesome."

Tantaros added, “Sunlight at the CIA? I’m sorry, that’s one place I don’t need sunlight. I don’t think they need to give me a lot of transparency at the CIA. Look, thousands of Americans were killed after 9/11. The Bush administration did what the American public wanted, and that was do whatever it takes to keep us safe. These terror tactics have been stopped because as a country, we decided we are better than this. Which is my point. Then why are we putting out this memo?”

Tantaros likewise took her frustration to Twitter:

Tantaros presently rotates as a co-host on the Fox News Channel program The Five.

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