Microsoft Bing
Microsoft Advertising Adds Target Impression Share Automated Bids

Microsoft has released its August product updates, including Target Impression Share automated bidding.

Reasons Small Businesses Shouldn’t Ignore Digital Marketing

Just because you have a small business doesn’t mean that you have the luxury to ignore digital marketing trends.

Best Email Marketing Services for Businesses in 2022

As the end of the year is rapidly approaching, it’s time to check out some of the best email marketing services for your business.

TikTok - Image by amrothman
TikTok May Launch Live Shopping in the US for Holiday Season

TikTok may be preparing for a major launch, reportedly bringing “TikTok Shop” to the US in time for the holiday shopping season.

Roku TV
Roku Enables Nielsen Four-Screen Measurement

Roku has enabled Nielsen four-screen measurement across traditional TV, connected TV, mobile, and desktop.

YouTube Shorts - Credit YouTube
YouTube Makes a Play to Poach TikTok Creators

YouTube is ponying up cash in an effort to convince TikTok creators to jump ship to its platform.

TikTok on Smartphone - Image by Nitish Gupta
TikTok Bans Political Fundraising

TikTok has announced its intention to ban political fundraising on its social media platform.

YouTube - Image by Tymon Oziemblewski
Some YouTube Users Seeing 10 Ads Before a Video

YouTube is stretching the limits of its users’ patience, testing up to 10 ads before a video.

Meta's Metaverse
Meta Will Charge Metaverse Content Creators a Nearly 50% Commission

Apple make receive the lion’s share of flak for charing a 30% commission for its App Store, but Meta is set to dwarf that for metaverse content creators.

Phone With TikTok App - Image by Kon Zografos
TikTok Lays Off Marketing and Sales Staff

TikTok is the latest company to lay off employees, giving the pink slip to some of its North American global business solutions team.