5 Benefits of Google Ads That No One Else Can Match

Whether you already spend significantly on Google ads or are just starting out, you'll see the Google ads benefits no one can match....
5 Benefits of Google Ads That No One Else Can Match
Written by Brian Wallace
  • The competition in digital marketing is intense. A new advertising solution appears every day as businesses understand that dipping their toes in the PPC waters is one of the most reliable methods to stay competitive. The alternatives are endless for someone new to digital marketing, whether it be a social media platform or a brand-new advertising network.

    Why Google Ads?

    Google was one of the first businesses to provide “Adwords,” a digital advertising solution. With the use of its search engine and affiliate websites, this platform was established in 2000 to assist companies in reaching online markets.

    This network, now known as “Google Ads,” has grown over time to become one of the best digital advertising platforms. For this reason, more than 1.2 million companies use Google Ads to sell their goods and services.

    By the way, did you know that every dollar spent on Google Ads generates $8 in revenue?

    Google Ads visitors are 50% more likely to make a purchase than other website visitors. Furthermore, Google is the network where people are four times more likely to click ads than any other network.

    Here are Google Ads’ most important benefits.

    1. The Largest Reach

    Although numerous platforms have a wide audience, none have as much as Google Ads. This platform processes around 40,000 search requests every second, or about 3.5 billion searches every day. Given these details, don’t you believe your company may benefit from part of this potential exposure to raise brand recognition and improve ROI?

    Understanding two of Google Ads’ networks can also help you better understand their scope. Using this platform, you may advertise on the Search and Display networks, two of the most potent networks in the world. Both have a ton of promise; the distinction lies in what you can do with each.

    Your advertising may be displayed in text format via the Search Network after being triggered by the keywords of your choice. On the other hand, Google also provides the Display Network, where you may display your advertising in aesthetically appealing formats by utilizing resources like images and videos. This way, you can completely cover all of your bases.

    2. Numerous Targeting Alternatives

    One of the most crucial considerations when using digital advertising is targeting. In contrast to other platforms, Google puts a high priority on targeting. As a result, it offers a wide variety of targeting choices for creating unique campaigns.

    Keyword targeting is one of these choices. It relates to the capability of using various keyword types and match types that enable you to target every stage of the marketing funnel. Additionally, there are numerous demographic parameters to take into account, such as age, language, region, and more.

    Ad scheduling is a further helpful choice that enables you to choose the most effective time for your adverts to appear. Not to be overlooked is the “devices option,” which is perfect for adjusting which devices and at what times you want your adverts to show.

    3. Much Quicker Than SEO

    Through a method called search engine optimization, or SEO, you can make your website’s setup more relevant to search queries and raise its SERP rating. However, even if SEO is crucial to the success of your digital efforts, it won’t be enough to help you achieve your objectives because of one critical variable: time. In contrast to search engine optimization, Google Ads PPC is the best way to instantly start showing up in searches relating to what you have to offer.

    4. Granular Measurement 

    Understanding the results of your advertising efforts requires measurement. Because of this, dashboards must be precise and understandable.

    Google has changed from providing measurement dashboards that merely display common conversions like impressions or clicks to providing granular analytics that enable you to see how users engage with your advertisements and website since it recognizes the significance of this element.

    5. Easy to Handle

    Managing one or more accounts on other sites could be difficult and time-consuming. One of the key benefits of Google Ads is the free resources you will have access to for managing your campaigns in all areas, including performance management, bidding, optimization, and more.

    Furthermore, most of these solutions are automated, saving you a lot of time. 

    Get the Help You Deserve

    Conveniently, you can either learn to use Google Ads PPC or hire someone to do it for you. The tricky issue is that you’d also need to take care of things like SEO, in-depth account analysis, reporting, conversion tracking, and more; therefore, it may be a good idea to hire an agency to assist you with this.

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