Boeing CEO: For the First Time Ever We Have Backlogs of 7 Years Instead of 2

The CEO of Boeing, Dennis Muilenburg, says that for the first time ever Boeing has airplane production backlogs of seven years instead of just two. He said that this demand is driven by the rising middle class throughout the world.

Whatsapp Will Start Running Ads in 2019, But How Will Advertisers Respond?

It’s been a long time coming, but ads will be making their way into WhatsApp, the…

John Malone says Disney Needs What Apple and Amazon Have… Massive Direct Consumer Relationships

Liberty Media Chairman and legendary entrepreneur and investor John Malone says that although Disney has a great brand, what they don’t have is a massive number of direct consumer relationships.

Nick Tzitzon of SAP on the Changing Role of the CIO

As technology is maturing so quickly with AI and all the other breakthroughs you need the CIO to be a leader in these companies. But the CIO conversation and the CXO conversation have got to be the same conversation.

Heathrow Airport: How We Achieved a 20% Email Open Rate and 25% Click Through via Adobe

Analytics and Optimization Lead at Heathrow Airport, Stuart Irvine, says that email is still the key driver for them in marketing and personalizing the customer experience.

Panera CEO: We Can Never be the Food Police

“Panera can never be the food police,” says Panera CEO Blaine Hurst in a recent interview. “That is not even our mantra. We have got to be the brand that is relentlessly pursuing better eating.”

YouTube is Now Making it a Lot Cheaper to Advertise on TV

In its bid to capture a portion of television advertising revenues, Google’s YouTube has finally…

Domino’s CEO Talks Tech – Watch Autonomous Car Deliver Pizza

Domino’s Pizza continues to implement innovative technology to maintain it’s competitive edge in the pizza business. The company continues to be on the cutting edge of technology in its use of autonomous vehicles that are actually delivering pizza in Las Vegas.

5 Social Media Tactics You Need to STOP Using (And What You Should Do Instead)

These days, it seems like everybody is using social media. You’d be hard-pressed to find…

5 Ways Smart Marketers Repurpose Their Content

Coming up with new, high-quality content on a regular basis can be a struggle for…