Infographic Looks at 'Man vs. Machine' In PPC

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Man vs Machine has always been a complicated argument. In every industry, machines have replaced jobs and turned them into automated functions, but there’s one thing technology will never replace: creativity. The one thing that can’t be programmed is intuitive creativity: the key piece to advertising.

In the enormous world of marketing, creativity is king. It takes a human to properly strategize, while it takes a machine to turn that strategy into something scalable. The two of these powerhouses working together doesn’t translate anywhere better than within PPC. Bid management, the foundation of PPC, works similar to the buy/sell model of the stock market, targeting the prospects in the “I want it now.” Machine helps to automate the lowering and rising bids across a large scale by taking past performance into account. Meanwhile, the creative types are taking this info into consideration and are molding the campaign to make it work at its highest capacity.

Fifty percent of PPC ads shown on Google in the US are managed by one of the top bid management platforms. How can you utilize machines in tandem with creativity to optimize your advertising? Check out this infographic on how you can combine machine and man for a killer PPC ad campaign.


Brian Wallace
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