Microsoft's Bing Ads Apps Just Got A Lot Better

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Microsoft announced some new features for its Bing Ads iOS and Android apps. These include a visualization for Share of Voice, a way to understand how competitive you are using Quality Score, and some tablet optimizations.

For Share of Voice data, there's a new pie chart visualization. This shows the percentage of ad impressions you may be losing to competitors or other factors. You can find it on the Dashboard screen under the performance graph. You'll get more info if you tap Share of Voice.

"Traditionally a report that you would run from the Reports tab in Bing Ads Web, the pie chart gives you a much more simplistic rollup at the account level," explains Microsoft's Jamie Chung. "It is easier to see visually where your campaigns are falling short and where you can make improvements later on. Swipe through the carousel to see how each statistic contributed to your lost impression pie or tap an individual stat to focus more in."

You can see a detailed breakdown of the impression Share of Voice stats provided in the apps here.

When it comes to understanding how competitive you rare using Quality Score, Chung says, "We've now surfaced this metric on the campaigns, ad groups and ads grids. Bing Ads calculates how competitive your ads are in the search marketplace by measuring the relevance of your keywords, ads, and landing pages to your audience with its Quality Score metric. Quality Score is a weighted value between 1 (underperforming) and 10 (outperforming) used by advertisers to track the performance of changes they make to their ad copy and landing page to make them more relevant to their target audience."

Microsoft goes in depth about Quality Score here.

As far as tablet optimization, there are optimized views for the campaign grid.

In other Bing Ads news, Microsoft unveiled the Bing Network as it moves on from the Yahoo Bing Network.

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