Bloomberg Articles

Google: We Have Sinned Against You

In a bid not to be outdone by Yahoo, Google is now telling Bloomberg that they screwed up the launch of Google Video.

Blogging the Word of Mouth Basic Training Event

I am at the Word of Mouth Marketing Association’s Basic Training conference in Orlando, Florida today.

NYC Mayor Calls Out Opponents Blog

I know its off-topic, but I had to post it. Steve Rubel posts that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg called out his opponent, Democrat Fernando Ferrer, for false claims on his blog.

Baidu Faces The Music

Everybody has turned on Baidu. As recently as August (that’s last month if you’re not keeping score), this company was the “Chinese Google,” an IPO blockbuster. A few weeks later, stock prices plummet and as of this morning, Baidu is being sued by pretty much the entire music industry. Damned if you Baidu, damned if you Baidon’t.

Freedom Tower To Be Icon And Giant Middle Finger

Exciting news from New York City today as a new design for the city’s Freedom Tower, the successor to the demolished World Trade Center, was made public. For the patriot in all of us, it will stand at 1776 feet, making it the second tallest building in the world, and a symbol of American resolve.

BHP Billiton Boosts Production To Meet Demand

Mining company BHP Billiton’s iron ore production increased by 14% in the third quarter.

WTO Ruling Not Too Sweet For EU

The European Union lost an appeal against a World Trade Organization decision making its subsidized sugar exports illegal.

How Frequently Should You Post?

There is a great podcast over at View from the Isle – The Inaugral Business Blog Roundtable – on the topic of how frequently should you post’ on your blog.

Royal Dutch/Shell Group Sees Big Earnings Increase

The Royal Dutch/Shell Group’s earnings increased by 42% as a result of high oil prices.

Airbus A380 Gets In the Air

The world’s biggest plane, the Airbus A380 double-decker began its first flight from a runway near Toulouse, France.

Valero Strikes $8 Billion Deal With Premcor

Valero Energy and Premcor have struck a deal for Valero to buy Premcor for $8 billion.

Confidence is Not High

Consumer confidence in the United States sunk to its lowest in five months in April as gas prices reached new highs.

Kodak Posts Loss Due to Plant and Job Reductions

Eastman Kodak posted a loss for the first quarter resulting from the closing of plants and the elimination of jobs.

Bloomberg Saying Google May Announce Fourfold Increase In Profits

Bloomberg is reporting that an average of 25 analysts points to Google posting profits of $246 million, or 92 cents a share, in tonight’s quarterly earnings report.

Archipelago Shares Skyrocket On Takeover From NYSE

Archipelago Holdings shares went up 55% after the announcement that the company agreed to be taken over by the New York Stock Exchange.

Sony Ericsson Profits Plunge Due to Competition

Sony Ericsson Mobile is not having the best luck with profits which have decreased by 61%.

Wal-Mart Sales In Line With Forecast

Sales at Wal-Mart stores in the U.S. open at least one year have rose in line with the company’s forecast.

Profit Troubles for Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson Mobile’s profits went down 61% with competition in prices getting stiffer.

Oil Back Up After Seven-Week Low

Oil prices went back up after reaching a near seven-week low based on fear that the U.S. won’t refine enough gasoline to live up to demand.

Oil Prices Take Another Turn

Oil prices went back down 3% after the International Energy Agency said that demand is slowing.

Former Morgan Stanley Execs Looking for Backup

Former executives of Morgan Stanley wrote a letter to employees looking for a way for them to speak out without intimidation from CEO Philip Purcell.