MySpace Trying To Get Their Act Together

"…simplifying and unifying our site is fundamental to our success going forward. MySpace should feel like one platform – not 15 sites loosely stitched together. We consider our diverse content offering a strength but too many logos and disorganized verticals makes the site difficult to navigate and creates confusion about our brand identity.

Twitter Receiving A Massive Amount Of Free Advertising

When it comes to Internet marketing and social media marketing one of the most important metrics of success is the return on investment (ROI). Everyone demands to see something that measures this although most can’t agree on just how to accomplish that. Twitter is one outlet that people are trying to measure as to just how much value do their efforts get on the micro-blogging service.

Online Gamblers Search For Safer Sites
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A survey of online poker players, following the seizure of gambling funds by the U.S. government has found more than half are not aware their money could be at risk.

The research by the U.K. based online gambling community Betfair, found more than three quarters of poker players have searched for what they consider to be safer sites.

How Airlines Are Fairing With Social Media

We are all getting comfortable with the place that social media outlets can have in the business process. Public relations, human resources, legal and sales can all benefit. At the present the most common application is customer service. While customer service is always important, the advent of social media has created customer service in ways that most companies never imagined.

Google Aims to Help Advertisers Improve Conversions
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There have been a couple of videos recently highlighted on Google company blogs that AdWords advertisers should pay attention to if their conversions are not where they want them to be. These videos deal with landing pages and ad copy.

Carl Icahn Comes Out In Favor Of Microsoft-Yahoo Deal

The man who once seemed set to single-handedly force a Microsoft-Yahoo acquisition – and then settled for three seats on Yahoo’s board of directors, instead – is at it again.  Carl Icahn’s spoken in favor of a search partnership between the two companies. 

Over 50 Million Facebook Users Related to Somebody
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If you’re a Facebook user, you’ve almost certainly encountered the "We’re Related" app in one way or another. Whether or not you have actually participated in it, you have probably at least seen an invitation.

Media’s Love Of Twitter Translates To $48 Million
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Twitter gets criticized on a regular basis for not having a business plan.  But the point of a business plan is to bring in money, and it turns out that, at least in terms of marketing expenses, Twitter doesn’t have any financial needs.  A report claims that the company’s received $48 million in free media coverage over the past 30 days.

Facebook Most Popular Social Site In The U.K.

Nearly thirty million (29.4) people in the U.K. accessed at least one social networking site in May, averaging 4.6 hours per visitor during the month, with Facebook ranking as the most popular property, according to comScore.

Google Wants To Save Your Life (Or Help End It)
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Health issues are highly personal.  Some folks, for example, are scared of living for years on end without control of their bodies.  Others are terrified that a plug will get pulled moments before they make a total recovery.  And a certain search giant thinks both of these attitudes represent great reasons to start using Google Health.

Google Docs Opens Template Gallery To The Public
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At the moment, there are exactly 725 alternatives available in the Google Docs Template Gallery, and that’s a rather large number.  But if you check back at this time next week, there are liable to be a whole lot more, because Google’s now letting everyone submit templates.

Facebook Adds New Security Measures
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Facebook announced today that it has taken additional measures to help users whose accounts have been hacked or used to send spam.

The company says the vast majority of its users have never experienced a security problem but it wants to give members new ways to take back control of their accounts if it does happen.

Hitwise Finds Bing, Yahoo To Be A Good Match
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If the latest reports and rumors are true, Microsoft and Yahoo are (once again) about to enter a partnership.  So this afternoon, Hitwise’s Bill Tancer looked at whether they’ll make more of a natural fit or an odd couple.

iPhone, Palm Pre Launch Drive Search Traffic
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Trends in the number of weekly searches on terms related to the Palm Pre indicate that the "Now Network" advertising campaign by Sprint during the second half of May helped create early interest in the device, according to comScore.

Adobe Approved Trust List Launches

Following Twitter’s recent problems, identity verification is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, and Adobe launched a new program this morning that may play an interesting role in the field.  The Adobe Approved Trust List aims to make digital signatures more dependable.

New Tool Aims To Fight Click Fraud
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Click Forensics has introduced a new tool to help marketers combat click fraud.

The new tool is called "Block List" which provides ad networks with a continually updated list of visitor IP addresses and publishers known to generate online click fraud. Block List can be used with the Click Forensics platform to block invalid traffic and to shift  advertsing dollars to other sources that offer better results.

The Block List tool could help marketers reduce the rate of click fraud between 15 to 25 percent according to Click Forensics.

US Video Game Revenue Down 31%

U.S. video game sales of hardware, software and accessories declined 31 percent in June to $1.17 billion, according to the NPD Group.

The year-over-year decline was the sharpest since a 41 percent drop in September 2000. "This is one of the first months where I think the impact of the economy is clearly reflected in the sales number, said Anita Frazier, NPD Analyst.

Does Retweeting Praise For Yourself Mean You Have A Big Ego?

Last night on Twitter, I saw a pretty high-profile user retweet a message he’d received from one of his connections. It was high praise about this person, and was retweeted verbatim with no changes to the text.

My initial reaction to that was to ask the following question to the Twittersphere:

Facebook Not Living Up To Canada’s Privacy Law

It wouldn’t be a day in business any more if the main focus wasn’t government intervention, would it? It appears that all of the freedom that the Internet was supposed to offer is maybe a little too much for the folks to our north. The Canadian government has issued a report that tells Facebook that many areas concerning privacy for the social networking site don’t meet the standards of Canadian privacy law.

A Summary Of Twittergate

So here we are a day after Twittergate broke and what is the result? Not much really. Everyone is talking about it in some way or another. Was it lax security at Twitter? Was it a security issue with Google Apps? Did TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington go too far? What are the ethical implications of obtaining documents illegally then using them to advance your own cause? Will the new show that Twitter develops for TV be called “Twitter Legal”?

Microsoft, Yahoo Search Deal Likely
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Microsoft and Yahoo are close to reaching a deal on search and online advertising after more than a year and a half of negotiations.

A number of reports have surfaced indicating a Microsoft partnership with Yahoo on search is "imminent."

YouTube Profits Closer Than Ever
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The days of YouTube representing a financial black hole may soon come to an end.  Several of Google’s execs have indicated that the video-sharing site is on track to start making more money than its operations consume.

Netbooks: Moving in Right Next Door to Useless
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Netbooks are apparently surging in popularity.  Some of the more recent data suggests that some 30 million netbooks will be sold this year.  That’s a fair amount of hardware.  Clearly, people are hot for netbooks. I just don’t see why.

Music Fans Favor CDs Over Downloads
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Most UK music fans are still content buying a CD rather than downloading songs, according to research by The Leading Question and Music Ally.

Despite data indicating digital music will soon make CDs obsolete, the report found 73 percent of music fans are still happy buying CDs over downloading tracks. Interestingly 66 percent of 14-18 year olds favor CDs over downloads and 59 percent of all music fans still listen to CDs everyday.