New CNN Show Based on Twitter
· 12

We all know that Twitter is a huge hit with so-called "geeks," but it just may get a big push into mainstream society, thanks to CNN. The news broadcaster has already been incorporating "tweets" into reports, and now anchor Rich Sanchez, a faithful Twitter user, has left a tweet indicating that they would be debuting a new Twitter show today called "Rick Sanchez Direct".

Zillow, Newspapers Form Huge Advertising Network
· 2

Real estate experts seem to appreciate the news regarding Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – it looks like the industry is receiving a huge boost.  Now, specialists in real estate advertising may also have something to cheer, as Zillow and a large collection of newspapers have signed an agreement.

HBO Launching Online Comedy Series
· 2

HBOlab, the online division of the cable company HBO, has announced it is launching a new web series featuring Jessica Rose of lonelygirl15.

Cutts Denies Pressuring Twitter Nofollow
· 13

Matt Cutts says his pinging of Twitter cofounder Evan Williams about nofollowing Twitter bio links was more of a heads-up than an imperative straight from the Googleplex.

Twitter Nofollow

Electronic Newspaper Reader Debuts
· 5

Plastic LogicPlastic Logic has launched a new electronic newspaper reader similar to Amazon’s Kindle, but it’s about the size of a regular piece of copy paper. Like the Kindle, this reader utilizes E-Ink’s black and white display technology.

Large Marketing Community Opposes Google-Yahoo Deal

The Association of National Advertisers is pretty important; its members have spent over $100 billion on marketing-related efforts.  Unfortunately for Google and Yahoo, the ANA isn’t supporting their search advertising deal, and has instead expressed its objections in a letter to the Department of Justice.

Yahoo In Mobile Search Deal With AT&T

AT&T said today that Yahoo oneSearch will be the default search engine for AT&T’s MEdia Net mobile phone portal.

Google Chrome Gets Slapped Around in Germany

It doesn’t get any more “official” than this here. Yesterday, Saturday at around 20:07, Germany’s oldest and perhaps biggest prime time news Tagesschau announced the following under the headline “Warning against internet browser"*:

The Private Domain Registration & Google Dilemma

The Search Engine Roundtable scoop has drawn our attention towards the fix situation that is faced by the majority of online marketers regarding the registration process of their domain names.

You’re Not Safe Using Facebook Apps
· 4

In the name of finding any possible way that hackers can get at your data, a group of researchers has penetrated Facebook via a could-be-malicious application proving that Facebook Apps are unsafe. The app seems harmless enough. It’s a National Geographic "photo of the day" app that gives users (obviously) a different photo each day.

Bebo Alters Users’ Profile Names
· 5

Bebo was once referred to as "the best social network" based on a variety of factors, one of which being its protection of members’ privacy. It is that protection, however, that has a lot of its users peeved. They are apparently changing users’ profile names at will whether they like it or not.

Thinking Makes You Fat
· 7

You’d think with all the technological wonders being announced daily that somebody would come up with a Nutty Professor-like weight loss potion eventually. Likely “they” are working on it and are personally invested in it because “they” have likely gotten fat, too, thanks to the computer age.

MySpace Overtakes Yahoo In Ad Views

According to Reuters, MySpace saw more advertiser ad views in June than Yahoo! Yahoo may be the second biggest search engine on the planet, but when it comes to advertising it saw 34.7 billion ad views compared to MySpace which saw 51 billion views. (figures are from a press release issued by ComScore last week).

Joost Trying to Play Catch Up
· 3

As online video (particularly online TV) grows in popularity, at least one provider has been left in the rear view mirror. Joost, which excited many people upon its launch, isn’t so exciting anymore.

Google Guys Top Vanity Fair’s Most Powerful
· 5

Vanity Fair released its annual ranking of the world’s most powerful people this week and our favorite executive trio was tied for third, just under Vladimir Putin and Rupert Murdoch.

iSkoot Brings Social Networking IMs to Mobile with Ex-Facebook App
· 1

iSkoot, a company that is known for its solutions for the use of VoIP on mobile devices, is looking to branch out its services, and is doing so with its purchase of social network IM client Social.IM. Social.IM gained some popularity as a way for Facebook users to chat, but Facebook eventually released their own application for this purpose.

Facebook Redesign Days Away
· 26

Facebook’s discussed its plans, altered them according to developers’ feedback, and given users an opportunity to step forward or hang back as they please.  Now, whether folks are ready or not, Facebook will roll out its new profile design over the next week or so.

Microsoft Seinfeld Ad Not Exactly a Hit
· 31

The first of those Jerry Seinfeld/Bill Gates Microsoft commercials has made its way into the public eye – an eye that most wish had remained closed. Microsoft’s attempt to bring some humor into their advertising campaign, and presumably to outdo the Justin Long Mac commercials, has been met with an overwhelming amount of criticism.

Moore To Release Election Film Online For Free
· 16

Controversial documentary filmmaker Michael Moore will be releasing his newest film exclusively online beginning September 23.

The documentary "Slacker Uprising" follows Moore’s 62-city tour of the swing states during the 2004 Presidential election as he rallies young voters to show up at the polls.

Online Job Demand Rising Again
· 7

Monster.comThe number of online jobs went up according to the Monster U.S. Online Jobs Index. The increase marked the end of a three-month decline, indicating that employers are preparing for the fall hiring season. In August, online job availability went up in 14 of the Index’s 20 industry categories and in 13 of the 23 occupational categories measured. Still, the index is 14% lower than it was a year ago.

Metallica OK With New Album Being Pirated?
· 7

In a display of hypocrisy that seems like it could almost be taken directly out of a lyrical interpretation of a track from Metallica’s own "…And Justice for All" album, the band’s drummer and well-known music piracy combatant, Lars Ulrich, has now said that he doesn’t care if Metallica’s new album is pirated.

Comcast Appeals FCC Network Management Order
· 1

Comcast has filed a lawsuit against the Federal Communications Commission over its ruling that the company is mishandling some customers Internet traffic.

Comcast said in a filing Thursday with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, that it would comply with the FCC decision, but its was appealing the decision and the findings that the company was in violation.

LinkedIn, CNBC To Integrate News And Other Content

LinkedIn.com – a social site for professionals – is partnering with CNBC to integrate news and other content. LinkedIn has over 27 million members but until now has had very little community-buildling or social networking features.

Currently on LinkedIn you can email other professionals, ask them questions, and give or get recommendations from people in your network. Now you’ll also be able to share information with them – something that is happening informally anyway.

Google Chrome Does Not Own Your Stuff
· 6

Some tempers flared up yesterday before being rather quickly tamped down by Google. The appearance that Google was claiming ownership of any material posted through Chrome was just due to some lazy lawyering.