Forget Print, Can Journalism Be Saved?
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It would take steely nerve or extreme romanticism to major in journalism these days. The pay was never great for the green and the aspiring, and hence consideration of journalism as a career required some stubborn devotion to the importance of the Fourth Estate. But a decade ago, one at least assumed there was security, honor, and even prestige in the profession, which was motivation enough.

How Google Changes Its Ranks From Day To Day

Rankings are in everflux more than ever…hey that sounds weird. Meaning the ranking constantly seem to be moving around for many 2-3 keyword phrases. So when some SEO’s run these ranking reports it really just takes a “picture” of where the website currently ranks. I would like to explain how Google can easily Photoshop that picture (ranking) into something else:

Google Bonds With Western Union In New Countries
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The Summer Games often seem like a geography lesson.  People will ask each other "where’s that?" during the opening ceremony, or maybe say "I forgot about them" following an upset.  So now’s as good a time as any for Google AdSense to introduce a Western Union payment option in some smallish countries.

Plausible Rumor: Microsoft May Buy Back Shares

Once upon a time, Microsoft was willing to pay around $45 billion for Yahoo.  All sorts of shenanigans have taken place since then, but the main sum remains untouched, and a new rumor has it that a stock buyback may be in the works.

Google Sees White Spaces Filling With Internet

Testing at the Federal Communication Commission will determine whether or not Google and its fellow backers of wireless broadband within unused spectrum reaches the marketplace.

Microsoft Upgrades Live’s Webmaster Tools

Most people think the Webmaster Tools programs as a bit like black holes. You send in a question, concern or idea and nothing ever happens…it just sort of disappears.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, the truth is light years away from this thinking.

Witness Live’s revised and expanded WMT program.

Music Onebox from Google in China!

Looking for free music online in China just got a lot easier – and its legal!

Bernie Mac Dies, Famous Dead Database Covers It
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Bernie Mac, a controversial and popular comedian, movie and television star has suddenly died … and on the Internet that means FamousDeadDB.com posts about it within minutes of the news.

Nofollowed Links Not Completely Unloved
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Amazingly enough, the nofollow attribute doesn’t spur a berserker rage in every webmaster. Quite a few can live with such links pointing to their sites.

Yahoo Sights In Sites Through SearchMonkey

Developers who wanted to make more use of Yahoo’s SearchMonkey technology with a site’s specific content got a little help from Yahoo.

Google Translate For iPhone Launches

An iPhone application known as "I Am Rich" has gotten some attention for being quite expensive and absolutely useless.  Now, at the opposite end of those scales, a certain search giant has launched Google Translate for iPhone.

Google, Verizon Weigh In On White Space Test
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The on-going corporate wrangling between Google and Verizon is heating up again as the Federal Communications Commission prepares to test technology that would make it possible to offer WiFi broadband Internet over unused TV channels known as white spaces.

Google’s Olympic Extravaganza

Today is the day of the Beijing 2008 Olympic opening ceremony. Already, Google launched multiple special sites and services for the Olympics. Thanks to everyone providing pointers for this!

Google’s main Olympics site

Social Media’s Role In The 2008 Olympics

beijing2008logo The opening ceremony for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing gets underway at midday GMT today, an event that will be broadcast live on television across the world.

During the next two weeks, you’ll be hard pressed to avoid seeing and hearing about the Olympic Games whenever you turn on the TV or radio or pick up a newspaper at the newsstand.

The Secret Of #080808 And The Beijing Olympics

Anyone who has been to enough events with social media creators knows that it is inevitable that people will find a way to connect and find one another. To a degree, Twitter first caught on from this need a year and a half ago at SXSW in 2007. I have witnessed it over and over, through examples like attendees of four conferences finding one another to share an evening of Korean BBQ in NYC a few months ago, or finding someone to hang out with as you are travelling to a foreign city for business.

Yahoo Offers Users Better Privacy Options

Yahoo said today that it will allow users to better manage their privacy online by allowing them to opt-out of customized advertising on the site.

The new opt-out feature is part of Yahoo’s response to a Congressional inquiry about customization sent to 33 Internet asking for details about targeted advertising and how they collect and store information on users.

AlmondNet Likes Taste Of Behavioral Targeting
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Any ad server can drop an advertisement in front of an Internet user, but AlmondNet wants that opportunity to be relevant as well as timely.

Tagged.com: Spam Your Friends
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If apologizing to friends, family, classmates, colleagues, acquaintances, and anybody who’s ever graced your email inbox is your thing, then signing up with "social networking" site Tagged.com is the way to go. Or, you could tell the FTC the site’s founder is still up to his old tricks.

Blinkx winks at Miva deal

Video search site blinkx could pull online ad firm Miva into its corporate fold.

Facebook Wanted To Buy German Site Before Suing
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Before Facebook sued the German social networking site StudiVZ last month for copying its "look and feel," it had been in talks to purchase the site.

A former StudiVZ executive says Facebook had been negotiating for months to buy the social network.

Google Leaps Into Olympic Content Race
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Google’s not in its usual place ahead of the pack; you could almost compare the search giant to a runner who somehow got his feet stuck in the starting blocks.  But, following Yahoo and Microsoft, Google’s finally unveiled some things related to the Summer Games.

US Searchers Want It Cheap, Discounted, Or Free

Patrolling the search engines for deals led to plenty of queries for items with the terms ‘discount’, ‘cheap’, or ‘free’ attached to them.

Google Not Thrilled With AOL As Investment
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The billion-dollar stake Google took in AOL to keep the company out of Microsoft’s hands nearly three years ago doesn’t look like it will approach that value now.

Cuil Traffic Cools Down
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Homeostasis in the search world has returned to normalcy and last week’s much-hyped potential Google competitor has slipped back into relative Internet obscurity in terms of traffic. That’s not a bad thing, really. Cuil’s servers needed a break.

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