Yahoo Launches Music Feature In Search Results
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Yahoo has introduced a new music feature that allows users to play songs from artists by clicking on a play button at the top of the search results.

Facebook Brings Home the Beacon
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Facebook had its share of controversy late last year as a result of its Beacon advertising model. Basically what Beacon did was show you when your Facebook friends made a transaction on one of its partners’ websites. For example, if I bought a copy of "Mom and Dad Save the World" on Blu-Ray (if there is such a thing) on eBay, all of my Facebook Friends would know about it.

YouTube Cracks Down On Weapons Clips
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The idea of projecting toughness with a YouTube video is an iffy one from the start.  Now, it looks like British folks will have to attack the task empty-handed, as new YouTube.co.uk rules prohibit "showing weapons with the aim of intimidation."

Targeting Conversations, Not The Whole Web
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Rob Crumpler, CEO of online advertising company BuzzLogic, says there’s a strong correlation between campaign effectiveness and blog quality. But quality doesn’t necessarily mean popularity; more likely it has to do with the strength of a blogger’s influence.

Google Offers Gmail Access Tips
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Not being able to access an email account is a serious problem for most users and on the Official Google Blog the company offers advice on what to do if users can’t access their Gmail accounts.

Google says most of the issues with Gmail are account related but some interruptions are caused by technical issues. Account issues that can lead to interruptions include a lost password, unusual account activity or the theft of login information.

Google Blames Microsoft for Yahoo! Deal Controversy
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Google held its Zeitgeist Conference yesterday, and during that conference, CEO Eric Schmidt, and co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin held a media roundtable at which they discussed a variety of Google’s recent endeavors. Among the topics of course, was the proposed Google-Yahoo! advertising deal, which is currently being scrutinized by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Eric Schmidt

Yahoo.com Makeover Begins
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Three days ago, Yahoo’s official blog encouraged its readers to "start wearing purple."  Early this morning, the company began heeding its own request by unveiling some new Yahoo homepages.  Test versions present a purple corporate logo along with (arguably more important) things like a fresh layout and new features.

Microsoft Ditches Seinfeld for “Phase Two”
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Despite people trying to convince me that the Microsoft Seinfeld ad campaign was indeed funny after I (and a pretty good-sized percentage of bloggers and online journalists) bashed the initial one, Microsoft has decided to pull the plug on Seinfeld.  Let me say right off, I don’t blame Seinfeld for the ads being lame.

Online Journal Revenue Set To Increase

Rupert Murdoch said yesterday that online subscription revenue at The Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones could increase by $300 million a year up to the next three years.

The News Corp Chief Executive was speaking at Goldman Sachs’ Communacopia press conference in New York said he dropped his plan to make the WSJ.com a free and open site after seeing the revenue projections.

IBM Gets More Social Than Ever

IBM has opened a social software research center dedicated to helping customers and partners better collaborate on a global scale. The center is headquartered at Cambridge, and staff will work closely with university faculty and students, as well as corporate partners.

Powerset Finds Its Way Into Live Search

Powerset, a search engine, which was once touted as a "Google Killer", and was sold to Microsoft for $100 million a couple months ago, is now being integrated into Microsoft’s Live Search results (at least to a limited extent).

Hackers Copy Palin’s Yahoo E-mail

In a blow to the republican vice presidential candidate’s privacy, hackers have taken over and copied all the e-mails out of Governor Palins e-mail account on Yahoo. The best part is that no one knows if the account was hacked via a Yahoo Zero day or a bad password choice.

eBay Leading Paid Search Term

The leading U.S. paid search term in August 2008 was "ebay", receiving .12 percent of paid clicks among all Web sites according to Hitwise.

The top organic search term was "myspace" which received 3.10 percent of organic clicks in August.

Mick Jagger Advises EU On Online Music Sales

Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger has become an advisor to the European Union. The singer, along with the chief executive officers of Apple, EMI, eBay, Fiat, Louis Vuitton and others, are meeting in Brussels today with the EU’s competition commissioner Neelie Kroes.

Google To Create Sea Worthy Data Centers

Google to Get Steamed?

A rumor is going around that Google is going to buy Valve, the creators of the hugely popular game Half Life. The rumor, which started with the Inquirer, claims "well placed sources" told the publication Google will buy Valve "any second now". 

Google Street View Gets Mobile

Google has frequently touted Street View’s ability to help folks scout out addresses or entire trips, and most people have accepted its usefulness in these matters.  Only Street View would sometimes remain tethered to desktop computers while its users were wandering around, and so it’s nice to report that Street View has been introduced to Google Maps for mobile.

Should AIG Receive A Fed Bailout?

 As an investor and citizen, I have been following with increasing concern the shenanigans in the financial market.

Thoughts On Napster & Best Buy

4 Thoughts On Best Buy & Napster

  •   Napster was worth even less than I thought. Given the $67 million in cash that Napster has on hand, the purchase for $121 million by Best Buy puts the valuation at just $54 million.

McCain Has A Drinking Problem

 Obama Has A Drinking Problem

The Latest on MySpace Music

- Myspace Silicon Alley Insider says the MySp

Google Remains Top Property In August

The Olympics and the U.S. Presidential campaign were the primary drivers of Internet traffic during the month of August, leading to increased visits at politics, sports, news and humor sites according to comScore Media Metrix.

The politics category rose 33 percent to 14 million visitors as many Americans focused on the presidential race.  The fastest growing category for the month was led by BarackObama.com with nearly 4 million visitors (up 113% from July), while JohnMcCain.com surged 108 percent to 1.4 million visitors.

Report: Facebook Making Gains On MySpace
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Nielsen Online has released some new numbers concerning social networks, and things aren’t looking too great for MySpace.  While the News Corp property is still ahead of Facebook in terms of unique audiences and the length of users’ sessions, the one stat has leveled off and the other has fallen.

Maryland Football Player Becomes YouTube Star
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Maryland senior cornerback Kevin Barnes has become a YouTube star after putting a punishing hit on California running back Jahvid Best.

The brutal hit came in the second quarter of Maryland’s 35-27 win, and at the time Barnes had no idea that he would become an online sensation. The hit left Best crawling on his hands and knees and eventually vomiting onto the field.

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