Americans’ Trust Of News Media At New Low
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Americans’ perception of the accuracy of news stories is now at its lowest level in more than two decades, according to a new report from Pew Research.

Just 29 percent of Americans say that news organizations generally get the facts right, while 63 percent say that news stories are often inaccurate. In the initial survey by Pew about the news media performance in 1985, 55 percent said news stories were accurate while 34 percent said they were inaccurate.

Yahoo Exchanges Alibaba.com Stake For $150M
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Yahoo should soon have about $150 million more to its name.  By selling 57.48 million shares, the Sunnyvale-based company is liquidating its stake in Chinese business-to-business site Alibaba.com and collecting a tidy profit.

You Can Almost Get Real-Time Results with Google
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Whether you think to use them or not, you probably remember that Google launched its "search options" a while back. Within these options is an option to search by timeframe.

Does Google need real-time search? Tell us what you think.

You can choose results from any time, recent results, the past 24 hours, the past week, the past year, or a specific date range.

Report: Google China Prepared For Big Push
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It may be that the exit of Kai-Fu Lee won’t act so much as a stumbling block as a catalyst for Google China.  A new report indicates that, following his departure, Google China will double its sales staff and offer cash incentives to 100,000 would-be advertisers.

Facebook Creeping In on LinkedIn’s Territory?
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According to comScore, one of the fastest growing online categories over the past year has been Job Search. This is not surprising news by any means.

Consumers Want Nothing to Do with Mobile Ads?
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Just on the heels of survey results from Compete indicating that many smartphone owners are open to targeted ads, Chitika has shared some findings of a study that suggests mobile users are "extremely ad-wary."

Yahoo Will No Longer Support Old Versions of Messenger
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A while back, Yahoo announced it would be retiring old versions of Yahoo Messenger – versions 6.0 through 7.5. They have now set a date for it at the end of the month – September, 30.

Yahoo Messenger users who are using anything older than 8.0 will no longer be able to sign in and use the service. Obviously, that means it’s time to upgrade, if you still intend to use Yahoo for your instant messaging.

Survey Finds Many Smartphone Owners Open to Targeted Ads
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Compete has shared some data from its Smartphone Intelligence survey. The findings indicate that smartphone owners prefer personal and social apps, and that they’re open to targeted ads.

According to Compete, entertainment, games, music, social networking, and weather are the most popular app categories across all platforms. Findings include:

Nokia Acquires Social Networking Site
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Nokia announced today that it has acquired "certain assets" of Plum, a privately held company.

Plum’s tagline is "making websites social," and the company says it helps websites become social by powering Groups in the Travel, Education, Entertainment, Publishing and Not-for-Profit sectors.

An In Depth Look at Twitter’s New Terms of Service
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I know it may appear I go looking for trouble, but I promise you I just like to share with you my concerns. In the case of Twitter’s update to its Terms of Service, I started thinking about what the changes could mean to us users.

The NFL To Show Blacked-Out Games Online

The NFL has announced that blacked out games in home team markets this season will be shown on NFL.com on a delayed basis.

Deeper Analytics for YouTube Videos
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YouTube has released a few new features for YouTube Insight, the site’s video analytics offering. These are:

Google Utilized to “Make History” for 9/11 Remembrance
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Google has been criticized by some in the past for not featuring 9/11 doodles on the home page on the anniversary of the attacks on September 11th. Google is, however, pointing to a site from the company’s official blog, that invites people to "share their experiences of 9/11 and its aftermath in an effort to preserve the memories of that time."

Americans Turn To The Internet To Forget The Economy
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Americans who go online for economic information are also using the Internet to take their minds off of the recession, according to a new report by the Pew Internet & American Life Project.

Pew identified a group it calls "online economic users" which includes 69 percent of all American adults and 88 percent of all Internet users.

Justice Department Asks Microsoft, Yahoo For More Info
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Even though the combined search market shares of Microsoft and Yahoo won’t approach Google’s stake in terms of size, the Justice Department isn’t giving their proposed deal a free pass.  In fact, the government entity’s decided to ask Microsoft and Yahoo for more information.

Facebook Shows a Glimpse of Twitterness
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Update: Facebook Lite is available in the US and India now. It can be found at lite.facebook.com.

Original Article: Facebook confused some users when it accidentally invited too many people to a beta test of what is being referred to as "Facebook Lite." Facebook Lite is basically a stripped down verson of the social network, which includes just status updates, likes, and comments, without things like activity stories, app stories, and embedded content.

Yahoo Debuts New Mail Features
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Update: Yahoo turned on the following apps in Yahoo Mail today: Evite, Pingg and drop.io.

Original Article: Yahoo made a few announcements today. Among them were new versions of Search, Messenger, and Mail. You can read about Search and Messenger here and here respectively. Now let’s talk about the new Yahoo Mail.

Online Tool Rates Cell Phone Radiation
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The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has put together an online consumer guide that rates more than 1,000 cell phones based on the levels of radiation they emit.

The EWG says the list is aimed at helping consumers make better decisions about which   cell phones to buy. The free online tool offers information on each phone’s radiofrequency emissions, allowing users to compare different models.

Play Google Voice Messages Right in Gmail
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Google has launched a new feature in Gmail labs that allows you to play Google Voice voicemails right from Gmail. Before, when Google Voice users received email notifications from Google Voice, they had to click a link in the message to open a new page.

Motorola Unveils First Android Phone
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More than two weeks after Motorola started hyping a mysterious Android-related event, the big day’s come, and the company’s first Android phone has been unveiled.  Called the Cliq, the device has succeeded in impressing people so far.

The Cliq is equipped with a physical keyboard, but remains thinner than most competing slider phones.  It comes with a D-Pad, too, which should be useful for games and a great many apps.

Data Suggests the ‘Connect Program’ was the Reason Behind Facebook’s Surge

In case you missed it, Facebook is pretty popular. As of June 2008, they’d beat MySpace in terms of total unique visitors worldwide (ballooning to twice as many uniques as MySpace in January 2009)—and even in the US, one of the few Facebook-is-#2 holdouts, Facebook has caught up to MySpace.

U.S. Copyright Office Objects To Google Books Settlement

More and more, it’s shaping up to be Google versus the world as far as the proposed Google Books settlement is concerned.  In fact, the head of the U.S. Copyright Office sided against Google today, and she seemed to consider that scenario is a real possibility.

AT&T Launches Entertainment Site

AT&T is getting into the online content business with the launch of its new website AT&T Entertainment.

AT&T Entertainment is focused on professional content offering TV shows and movies much like Hulu. Content providers include ABC, NBC Universal (via an agreement with Hulu), CBS, CW, Syfy and Bravo.

Users can find content by browsing TV shows and movies alphabetically, by genre, or by network or studio. The site is open to any user, whether you are an AT&T customer or not.

Facebook Open Sources FriendFeed Web Server

About a month ago, Facebook announced that it was acquiring FriendFeed. Today the company announced it is open sourcing Tornado, a web server framework originally developed by the FriendFeed team.