Keyword Suggestion Tools From Google And SEOBook
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Key Differences Among the Most Commonly Used Keyword Suggestion Tools – Part Two

The 800-Pound Gorilla and the New Kid on the Block: Google and SEOBook

China Resumes Web Censorship Tradition
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When people have guests, they tend to shape up.  Parents stop yelling, couples stop arguing, and maybe children don’t make as much of a mess.  Then, when the guests leave, everything goes back to normal, and it appears that China is heading in this direction with respect to banning websites.

Google Releases My Maps Editor for Android
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Google introduced today My Maps Editor for Android. It is a tool that allows you to created, edit, share, and view personalized maps on Android phones synched with the My Maps tab on Google Maps.

So what are some practical uses for this? Google Software Engineer Brian Cornell says: There are plenty of ways to put this to good use during the holiday season:

CBS to Take Online Video Seriously
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CBS is re-launching TV.com, a site it picked up in its CNET acquisition. Currently, the site is kind of a go-to resource for all things television, except actual TV content. They do have some video clips and episodes of things, but it’s not Hulu.

Domain Names Equivalent To Billboards?
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Seizing a domain is like seizing a billboard, argue the attorneys appealing Kentucky governor Steve Beshear’s attempt to take possession of 141 gambling domains. Even if domains were forfeited, users could still access gambling sites via IP addresses, which become destinations without signs over them.

Social Media Influencing Purchase Decisions
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More than half (54%) of consumers say that information from a brand representative is more valuable than what is usually found on a company Web site, according to new study, "The Impact of Social Media on Purchase Behavior" by research firm OTX on behalf of DEI Worldwide, a social media marketing agency.

They found that 63 percent of consumers would like to share their opinions about a brand or product with a representative, and 67 percent are likely to pass along information from a brand representative to other people.

How Search Engines Manage Click Fraud
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In the session "Search Engines on Auditing" the speakers discussed how search engines handle auditing concerns.

Richard Zwicky, Founder & CEO, Enquisite, discussed auditing issues with PPC and how they try to figure out what went wrong.
Analytics ecosystem:






Ways ad networks protect you:

Invalid/discounted clicks

Real time behavior analysis

Proactive filtering

Over-time analysis

Map Maker, Street View Advance Around Oceania
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Getting lost in Oceania got a lot harder in the last week or so, and should continue to grow trickier over time.  Not only was some already-extensive Street View coverage in Australia expanded, but the self-propagating Google Map Maker was launched in 43 new countries and territories.

Countries’ Top Twitter Users Tallied
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It’s almost the end of the year, and that means it’s time for lists.  Naughty and nice, most and least popular . . . you know the routine.  Now, one new list shows how well Twitter has (or hasn’t) caught on in different parts of the world, and names some of its top users, too.

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AOL’s Platform-A said Monday that the new AOL.com homepage is bringing advertisers record performance on their homepage advertising and is also driving increased user reach and engagement.

Since AOL redesigned its homepage in September, advertising click-through rates on the primary 300 x 250 ad banner increased 30 percent, according to internal tracking.

Twitter Gets Connected with Google
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Google has announced that its new Friend Connect platform has now been integrated with Twitter. Now you can Tweet from any Friend Connect-supported site.

"This means that when you join a friend connected site, you can choose to use your Twitter profile, discover people you follow on Twitter who are also members of the site, and quickly tweet that you have found a cool website," explains Google Friend Connect Product Manager Mussie Shore.

The Year in Online Music
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Recently I dug back through our archives to put together something of a retrospective looking at the year in online video. Now I have done basically the same thing looking at 2008′s happenings in online music.

Americans Would Give Up Sex For Internet Access
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Most Americans find Internet access essential to daily life, with some favoring it over TV and having sex, according to a survey by Harris Interactive done on behalf of Intel.

The survey found that the majority of Americans (65%) feel they cannot live without Internet access.  In addition 71 percent said it is important or very important to have Internet-enabled devices, such as laptops, netbooks and mobile Internet devices that offer them updates on important issues including the economy.

Mark Cuban To Yahoo: Acquire Everything
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The holidays are, to be honest, a bad time for tech news.  With many of their employees either taking time off or shopping from their desks, companies don’t do a lot that needs to be covered.  But if Mark Cuban has his way, Yahoo will provide plenty of material by going on an acquisition spree.

More Americans Reselling Holiday Gifts Online

What will you do with that unwanted holiday gift this year? If you are like most Americans you may consider reselling it online, according to new research sponsored by eBay and conducted by Harris Interactive.

Over half (54%) of U.S. adults who have resold gifts online, plan to do so this year, a 10 percent increase from last year (45%).

The New Language Of Marketing 2.0
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Sandy Carter, author of "The New Language of Marketing 2.0" talked with WebProNews about the different aspects of using social media in marketing.

Using Social Media For Marketing

Should businesses be more involved in social media or less involved?

Looking at Online Video Trends

As you are no doubt aware, online video has experienced a tremendous year in 2008 in terms of growth and usage. I have personally documented a fair amount of the happenings in the industry over the year myself.

Google Suggest Testing Links, Ads
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When Google Suggest was first released, Google freely admitted that its development had begun about four years earlier.  Since the feature did little more than save keystrokes, this seemed kind of sad.  Only now Google’s testing some upgrades that might make Google Suggest both sophisticated and profitable.

eCommerce Site Optimization Tips
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While there’s no telling what shoppers might be willing to brave this year for the sake of low prices, an eCommerce site shouldn’t remind users of a military gauntlet.  Speakers at an SES Chicago session called "eCommerce 101: Optimizing your Shopping Cart for Search and Conversion" discussed ways to make shopping experiences pleasant and productive, instead.

Online Holiday Spending Sets New Record

Online holiday retail spending has slowed slightly, but remains relatively solid according, to a new report from comScore.

For the holiday season through December 12, $19.44 billion has been spent online, about the same amount as last year. For the twelve days beginning with December 1 (Cyber Monday), the kick-off to the heaviest part of the online shopping season, sales totaled $8.26 billion up 3 percent compared to a year ago.

Gmail Makes PDF Viewing Less of a Hassle
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Google has decided to make PDF viewing in Gmail a little more user-friendly. Now when you get sent a PDF attachment with a message, you will see a "view" link, which will simply open the file within your browser rather than make you download the file.

Discussing Social Media with Twitterers

A little while back, I sent out a request via Twitter asking if anyone would be interested in being interviewed for a discussion on social media. With the medium meaning so many different things to so many people, as well as how it can be used, I was interested to hear the views of the people I connect with.

Is Your Neighbor On Twitter?
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Wouldn’t it be nice to find people in your own neighborhood who are on Twitter? One thing Twitter lacks is a good way to communicate with the locals. Twitterers are often wanting to get together in the physical world for business networking, or even just to hang out. Wouldn’t this be a lot easier if you had some Twitter friends that were already close by?

21-Year-Old Game Developer Hits Big Time
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Though it was a conference call, three parties in three different locations, it was easy to imagine 21-year-old game developer and college student Evan Miller sitting in a dark room, two corporate suits tapping their feet and looking at their watches behind him.