Predictions Made About Social Media Growth

Forrester Research is holding its own conference down in Orlando and has just revealed its predictions for the growth of online advertising. The bottom line is that social media and mobile will be the hottest, but just about everything will see an upward trend.

The Conclusion of Facebook’s Voting Process

Based on a post for the General Counsel for facebook-logoFacebook, Ted Ullyot, the results for the Facebook vote are in and the new rules / terms of service are in. Or are they?

Online Newspaper Traffic Up 10 Percent
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While the newspaper industry continues to struggle, one bright spot is online visitors to newspaper Web sites increased 10.5 percent in the first quarter of 2009 attracting an average of 73.3 million monthly unique visitors, according to a report from Nielsen Online commissioned by the Newspaper Association of America.

Google Shows Off 2 New Toolbar Labs
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Google has introduced two new Google Toolbar Labs features. There is one with "My Location," and a simplified Chinese Toolbar.

"One of the best things about working on the Google Toolbar team is that when someone says ‘Wouldn’t it be great if Toolbar could…,’ our answer is usually ‘Yes! Let’s build it!"’ And then it’s just a question of when," the Toolbar Product Team says.

Bloggers Replacing the AP?
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Yes, the AP (Associated Press) is desperate. Yes, the AP has lost control of the news. And yes, bloggers are more and more going local with their focus. That leads to an obvious question, will bloggers eventually replace the AP and other news organizations?

Google Profiles Go to the SERPs
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Google as a social network has been getting a bit more play recently as they have made certain moves like giving users the ability to create vanity URLs for their profiles.

One wild card that Google has that trumps all other social networks is that it is the largest brand on the web. Furthermore, it is the largest search engine.

AVG Releases Free Real-Time Search Scanner
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AVG has pretty good timing considering the recent success cybercrooks have had with manipulating search results to direct searchers to malicious websites. The security company released a free tool today that scans links before users click on them.
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eBay Testing New “Certified Sellers” Box
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It looks like eBay may be considering a program for "certified sellers." Ina Steiner at AuctionBytes talks about one of her readers who wrote in and told her about a survey for eBay he participated in that showed a made up listing page for a digital camera. It looked something like this:

Twitter Spam Not Likely to Kill Twitter
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Like all popular services, Twitter gets abused too. Who would’ve thought? Will spam kill Twitter? Well, do you still use email?

Perhaps it’s unfair to compare Twitter, which is still pretty much in its infancy to a communication medium that has been around pretty much as long as the web itself, but with the momentum that Twitter popularity is gaining, I can’t see it being incredibly threatened real soon.

Microsoft Reports First Ever Quarterly Revenue Fall
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People with a grudge against Microsoft are liable to be in a decent mood this evening.  The company gave a quarterly financial report today, and in one important respect, it missed analysts’ estimates by a significant amount.

eBay Warned About Misleading Ad
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A British advertising watchdog has told eBay to stop claiming it offers brand new items for 25 percent less than retail stores.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said Wednesday, that eBay’s posters claim a 25 percent discount was misleading because it did no provide enough details of how the comparison pricing was conducted.

eBay hired a third party company to compare prices on certain items sold on its site and at major British retailers Debhenhams and John Lewis.

Compete Looks at Homepage vs Domain Visits for Top Sites
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Compete has shared some interesting data looking at homepage visitors at the top publisher sites. Here is the top 12 in terms of domain visitors. Look at how the homepage visitors compare to the percentage of site visitors who visit the homepage.

Even Getting Shot Can’t Save A Journalist’s Job

You know times are rough for newspapers when taking a bullet for the company isn’t enough to save your job. One St. Louis reporter knows that all to well—at least, he knows now.
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Racy Facebook Pics Force Candidate Out Of Running
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You could call it a learning experience, a far cheaper lesson for the rest of the world than for Ray Lam, a Vancouver political candidate who withdrew his nomination after racy pictures of him surfaced on Facebook.
Ray Lam's Facebook Photo

Yahoo Turning Lights Out At GeoCities
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GeoCities, that mainstay of the mid-to-late ’90s Internet, is about done for.  New GeoCities accounts are no longer available, and although it hasn’t yet given a specific date, Yahoo has made clear that GeoCities will be shut down sometime later this year.

Social Media And Video Lead To Increased Online Engagement
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Online engagement by Internet users is increasing in part as a result of a shift toward video content and social networking, according to a new report by Nielsen.

Since 2003, interests of the average online user have shifted significantly. Categories that consisted of portal-oriented browsing sites, such as shopping directories and Internet tools/Web services, used to be the most popular categories for user engagement.

Report Looks at Ad Requests for iPhone vs Android

Mobile advertising platform AdMob has released its Mobile Metrics Report looking at statistics for the month of March. It highlights some interesting trends in smartphone applications.

AdMob serves ads for over 6,000 web sites and 1,000 apps and stores and analyzes the data from each ad request, impression, and click. The report is intended to provide insight into trends in the mobile ecosystem.

Wikimedia Enters Partnership With Orange
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The Wikimedia Foundation, the organization behind Wikipedia, is partnering with European mobile provider Orange. The partnership will see Orange devices carrying co-branded content for customers in France, the UK, Spain, and Poland.

Google Announces Mobile Product Search Results

Today Google announced Google Product Search for Mobile. Android and iPhone users will now be able to type a product query into Google.com and get Google Product Search Results formatted for their phones.

Feedburner Finally Becomes Part Of Google

It’s been slowly coming for a very long time. Google announced that they’d acquired FeedBurner back in May 2007. Only eleven months later (*eye roll*), in April 2008, the two finally began their integration. And now it’s complete.

MySpace To Be Under New Management Shortly

Despite once being Rupert Murdoch’s golden boy, it appears MySpace founder and CEO Chris DeWolfe has fallen out of favor. News Corp has announced that DeWolfe will be stepping down "in the near future" and will be left with a role on the board of MySpace China and perhaps some other adviser role.

Steve Jobs To Be Back at Apple in June
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Steve Jobs, who has on separate occasions been reported dead and to have had a heart attack (neither of which were true), said goodbye to Apple back in January. He took a leave of absence from the company due to well-publicized health issues.

Upon his departure, Jobs wrote a letter to the Apple staff. In it, he wrote:

Click Fraud Rate Declines In Q1
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Click fraud declined in the first quarter of 2009 to 13.8 percent, according to Click Forensics’ Click Fraud Index.

That’s down from the all-time high of 17.1 percent reported for the fourth quarter of 2008 and from the 16.3 percent rate reported for the first quarter of 2008.

Take Care of Your Links
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Links are what make up the web. They drive traffic to sites. They add value to articles. While some content providers may prefer not to have a lot of links to their content, most strive to get as many as possible.