Ad Networks Continue To Grow In Popularity

Buying ads on ad networks is standard practice these days. In fact, according to an article from AdAge, 65% of ad buys will pass through ad networks in 2009. Even in toughtime-inc-logo times like these that’s a lot of money.

Digg Decides It No Longer Needs Microsoft
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DiggBack in the summer of ’07, Digg and Microsoft announced a partnership that would see Microsoft selling and serving ads on Digg, not unlike Microsoft’s deal with Facebook inked the previous year. The deal was to last until the summer of 2010, but Digg has now pulled the plug according to ClickZ.

Can YouTube Monetize the Hulu Way?
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Market research firm eMarketer has some interesting numbers looking at possible YouTube revenue. The firm pulls from a variety of sources to get a feel for just how the popular Google-owned video site is doing.

For starters, they refer to YouTube as the fifth most popular US web brand according to Nielsen, though March saw the site drop slightly to number 6.

Google, Twitter, WordPress Reps Go To Iraq
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Don’t be surprised if a lot of blog posts, tweets, and YouTube videos start pouring out of Iraq in the near future.  The U.S. State Department has led a number of corporate representatives to Baghdad, and the group includes executives from Google, Twitter, and Automattic/WordPress.

Social Network Users Seek Relevant Ads

Close to a third (31%) of social networking users dislike constant requests to join groups and download applications, according to new research from the Internet Advertising Bureau.

However, the study of nearly 2000 Internet users found that 28 percent of people would be happy to join a group if they were offered exclusive content or something relevant and free, while 37 percent would join a group if there is a genuine interest in what is being offered.

IAB Releases Video Ad Guidelines

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has announced Video Player-Ad Interface Definition Guidelines in an effort to simplify the buying and selling of digital video media. The guidelines outline methods of communication between video players and video ads while providing specs for planning, production, and implementation of video advertising.

Google’s Hairy Mainstream Pickle
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Who knew something stupid like “Rickrolling” would become such a problem for Google? Thanks to an Internet fad, Rick Astley’s one 1980’s hit “Never Gonna Give You Up” and video were played on YouTube 154 million times.

Google Shares 2 New Labs and New Labs Destination
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Google introduced a newly redesigned version of Google Labs today and a couple of new labs to go along with it. They rebuilt Google Labs from scratch with Google App Engine and moved it to GoogleLabs.com.

Meaningful Marketing In A Down Economy
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The nightly news paints a dreary picture. Whether it’s due to a freeze in the credit markets, rising unemployment rates, or just plain nerves, consumers are keeping their wallets closer than ever. At the same time, marketing and advertising budgets are being slashed and executives are demanding measurable, meaningful media from their campaigns. Each marketing dollar must go further. Sales are more valuable than ever. So, what are marketing managers to do to meet such demands?

Hitwise Names Top Hulu Search Terms
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YouTube, which of course receives far more traffic than Hulu, is doing just about everything in its power to ensure things stay that way.  Unfortunately for YouTube, stats from Hitwise seem to indicate that its new partnerships with CBS, Lionsgate, MGM, and Starz may not provide a lot of help. 

AOL Gets Top-Five Unique Visitors for Many Sites
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Since its launch in January, WebProNews has regularly followed the growth of AOL’s MeidaGlow business unit, which has seen record growth with each month.

MySpace, Fox News Reach Out With uReport

MySpace users who have an interest in citizen journalism have just been given an opportunity to get involved.  MySpace and Fox News teamed up this afternoon to launch an official uReport community page.

Big Video Announcements from Adobe
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Adobe made some big announcements today at the 2009 NAB Show. News ranges from a new framework to potentially game-changing partnerships in online video and taking video to televisions.


First off, Adobe has announced a new software framework for building media players, which extends the capabilities of Flash. It’s called Strobe. Adobe says it will help establish an open industry standard for media players.

A Look at YouTube’s Channel Redesign
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YouTube is testing a "secret" beta of a new channel layout, which as I’m sure they’re aware by now it is not very secret anymore. Although, I can’t imagine that they expected it would be kept secret for long.

According to Read Write Web, some YouTube users were notified about the beta testing directly from YouTube via email. Others had to find out indirectly.

Echo Says Bye To Music Marketing
Music marketer Echo, which handles web sites, online communities, and digital marketing for such top tier artists as Kanye West, Keith Urban, Alicia Keys and Dierks Bentley will be winding down operations over the next 60 days. Ticketmaster bought Echo in March of 2007 for a reported $25 million, but found the Nashville based business unprofitable.

Twitter Your Way To A Pizza Hut Internship

While it may look like some kind of prank and serves to continue the “twitterification” of the English language,pizza-hut-logo Pizza Hut is hiring a ‘Twintern’ for the summer.

Google Accused Of UK Tax Avoidance
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It’s well known that big corporations employ brilliant accountants in an effort to save money at every turn.  Google seems to have been caught doing some less than up-front things, however, as the search giant’s been accused of routing revenue through Ireland in order to avoid a big UK tax bill. 

Top Web Brands and Parent Companies
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Earlier, we looked at the top domains and pages in terms of linking popularity among different linkers. Collectively, they are referred to as the most important domains and pages on the web.

Nielsen Online, however, has looked at the top online companies and brands for the month of March. This data looks at unique audience and time per person spent with each. Take a look at these charts from Nielsen:

Boss-Bashing 2.0
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It’s a lot easier to embarrass one’s boss than it used to be. You can thank the now dreaded internal leak for that. What was once reserved for water cooler gripe sessions, collective bargaining and, if things went really sour, lawsuits and national media coverage is now instantly public and brutally humiliating.

Google Survives Q1 Financial Report
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Analysts and investors were ready for just about anything this afternoon, with predictions of what Google’s first quarter would look like ranging from complete failure to yet another blow-’em-out-of-the-water success.  The real numbers landed somewhere in between, but – to most people’s relief – rather more on positive side. 

Sony Ericsson To Take Things Slow With Android
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The world’s fifth-largest mobile phone manufacturer is in no hurry to put an Android product on the market.  Sony Ericsson’s CEO made some comments today that gave the impression any sort of launch is quite a ways away. 

Headline Writing In The Digital Age
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There are many schools of thought regarding the Art of the Title, and generally this art varies according to purpose, medium, and culture. For better or worse, depending on your viewpoint, the Internet has changed what we expect from headlines, and how we shape them, but it is hardly a static art, especially with the advent of microblogging platforms like Twitter.

Best Buy Getting Into Movie Download Business
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It looks like Best Buy is getting into the business of offering movies for download. This could step up competition with the likes of iTunes and Amazon, and even Netflix really.

The concept is a product of Best Buy partnering with CinemaNow, the same company that Blockbuster has dealt with to offer movies through set-top devices. According to Variety:

Google Maps, Google Earth Match Up With Scientists, Webcams

It seems that, before long, Google Maps and Google Earth will be just about everywhere you look.  In the past two days, the programs have made inroads with both scientists and civilians, respectively. 

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