Windows 11 Adoption Still Hovers Around 15%

Windows 11 may be the latest and greatest but Microsoft has an adoption problem, with only 15% of computers on the OS.

Microsoft May have Cut Russia Off From Windows Downloads

Amid ongoing sanctions on Russia, it appears Microsoft may have cut users off from Windows 10 and Windows 11 downloads.

Microsoft Pushing Bing Service 2.0 Update to Windows and Users Can’t Uninstall It

Some Windows users are less than thrilled with a recent update, as Microsoft is pushing Bing 2.0 on them with no way of uninstalling it.

Windows 10 and 11 Have a Critical, Seven Month-Old Zero-Day Flaw

Windows has a critical, zero-day flaw and the worst part is that Microsoft has known about it for seven months and can’t seem to fix it.

Android Games Coming to Windows in 2022

Google is bringing a native Android gaming experience to Windows in 2022, straight from the Google Play Games app.

Windows Pioneer: ‘Screw You, Microsoft Edge’

Microsoft is in the hot seat from none other than one of its Windows Pioneers, over aggressive advertising in its Edge web browser.

Microsoft Releases Latest Windows 10 Feature Update

Despite unveiling Windows 11, Microsoft has just released an update to its predecessor, in the form of Windows 10 21H2.

Windows 10X Not Coming in 2021, Maybe Never

Microsoft will not ship Windows 10X in 2021, and may never release the operating system (OS), according to new a report.

Xbox Cloud Gaming for iOS and PC Entering Beta

Microsoft has announced its Xbox Cloud Gaming will enter beta Tuesday, giving users the opportunity to test the service on PCs and iOS devices.

Parallels Desktop 16.5 Runs Arm Windows 10 on M1 Mac 30% Faster

Parallels has released the latest version of Parallels Desktop, boasting up to 30% faster performance running Arm Windows 10 on M1 Macs.

Linux Mint May Resort to Windows 10-Style Forced Updates

Linux Mint is considering measures to keep users up-to-date, including Windows 10-style forced updates.

Microsoft Testing a Web Browser Version of xCloud

Microsoft’s xCloud game streaming service may be coming to iPhones and iPads soon, with employees reportedly testing a web-based version.

Windows 10 Upgrade May Cause Lost Certificates

Microsoft has acknowledged that a Windows 10 upgrade is losing security certificates under certain circumstances.

New Windows 10 Update Preemptively Kills Adobe Flash Player

The latest Windows 10 update puts the nail in Adobe Flash Player’s coffin, permanently removing the software.

Windows 10 May Block Drivers That Are Not Verified

Microsoft unveiled a major change as part of its Patch Tuesday yesterday, indicating some drivers may no longer work.

Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Update to Address Swollen Batteries

Microsoft has released an update to Windows 10 in an effort to help prevent some HP laptops from experiencing swollen batteries.

New Windows 10 Feature Will Detect Failing SSD

Microsoft has announced Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 20226 with feature designed to help monitor the health of SSD storage.

Microsoft’s Bad Habits Are Back As It Forces Edge On Users

Whatever goodwill Microsoft has earned in recent years by playing nice is rapidly evaporating, thanks to a particularly aggressive update.

Windows 10 Beta Changes Start Menu

Windows 10 Beta Changes Start Menu

Microsoft Storage Spaces Bug Slips Through

Microsoft has acknowledged a bug in its Storage Spaces feature that leads to file corruption, and is working on a resolution.