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Apple Weather App Is Down for Some Users
If Apple's Weather app isn't working for you, you're not alone as the company acknowledges issues in some areas....
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Weather Forecasts May Suffer From 5G
Carriers may be racing to deploy 5G, but it seems accurate weather forecasts may be an unintended casualty....
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Dark Sky Weather App Shutting Down at End of 2022
Popular weather app Dark Sky is shutting down at the end of 2022, following Apple’s purchase of the app in 2020....
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An Unlikely Casualty of the 5G Revolution: Weather Forecasting
Science journal Nature is reporting that accurate weather forecasting may be an unintentional casualty of 5G deployment. At the heart of the issue is ...
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Tornadoes In Texas Leave A 40-Mile Trail Of Devastation [Photos]
The violent tornadoes which pounded the Texas area on Sunday left many people homeless and killed at least 11 people. According to reports, the Nation...
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El Nino Report Released By Climate Prediction Center
The peak of the 2015-2016 El Nino is closing in according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and this is one of the strongest on ...
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New MSN Apps Released For iOS, Android
Microsoft has launched some new MSN Apps for iOS, Android, and Amazon devices. These are platform expansions of apps currently available for Windows. ...
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Tropical Storm Bertha Might Miss US Eastern Coast
Everyone on the Eastern coast of the United States should keep their fingers crossed: Early projections of the path of Tropical Storm Bertha has it qu...
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Super Typhoon Neoguri Heads for Japan
Super Typhoon Neoguri is expected to reach Okinawa early Tuesday, in what has been described as a “once in decades” storm. The Japan Meteo...
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Kim Jung Un Rebukes Meteorologists for Bad Forecasts
In 2010, North Korea was forced out of the World Cup in South Africa after giving up a staggering 12 goals in only three games. Upon returning home, t...
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Twitter Forecast: Cloudy with a Certainty of Hyperlocal Weather Targeted Ads
In the near future, you can expect to see a new type of promoted tweet that’s appearing in your feed because it’s raining outside. Or beca...
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Gustnado: What is It? Should You Be Worried?
“Gustnado”, or “gust-front tornado,” is a low-level rotating cloud that is short-lived. It can sometimes form within a severe ...
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Derecho Threat: Severe Storm Pummels Midwest
A derecho is often classified as a type of extreme weather phenomenon, which refers to an inland-type of hurricane accompanied by heavy thunderstorms....
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Baseball-Size Hail Batters Northeast Nebraska
Severe thunderstorms swept through Nebraska and produced baseball-size hail that surprised many residents. According to the National Weather Service, ...
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Hurricane Amanda Grows Strong, Then Quickly Weakens
Hurricane Amanda broke records over the weekend and briefly caused concern. Now it appears that the storm will pose little threat to anybody. The Weat...
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Tropical Storm Amanda Should Weaken Quickly
The first tropical storm for the eastern Pacific 2014 hurricane season has been named. Tropical storm Amanda formed about 620 miles southwest of Manza...
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Denver Tornadoes: At Least 4 Tornadoes Touched Down
Wednesday, May 21, was a night full of severe weather for the Denver, Colorado area. Not only did at least four tornadoes touch down, the storms broug...
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Denver Tornadoes Cause Hail Storm And Disrupts Airport
On Wednesday, a total of eight tornadoes touched down in the Denver metro area. In addition, Colorado was also facing a fierce thunderstorm that produ...
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El Niño 2014 Might Become a Repeat of 1997
NASA satellite imaging of the Pacific Ocean has revealed data that resembles the conditions which fostered the record-breaking El Niño year of 1997. ...
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El Nino 2014: Get Ready For More Crazy Weather
We have endured one of the craziest winters anyone has seen in awhile. While global warming is what many are blaming for the bizarre weather patterns,...
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