Tropical Storm Bertha Might Miss US Eastern Coast


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Everyone on the Eastern coast of the United States should keep their fingers crossed: Early projections of the path of Tropical Storm Bertha has it quite possibly missing the United States.

It’s true that projections are merely educated guesses, but as hurricane season continues it’s not wrong to hope for as little damage as possible.

Bertha is the second named storm of the 2014 hurricane season. It is currently moving at a speed of 22 mph with wind speeds of 45 mph.

According to the National Hurricane Center, Bertha is expected to pass over the Bahamas Sunday through Monday.

A tropical storm warning is in effect for the eastern part of the Dominican Republic. Meanwhile a tropical storm watch is in effect for much of the central Bahamas.

Once Bertha passes through the region on Monday, it is expected that by Tuesday the storm will turn right and spin out into the Atlantic Ocean.

By the time the storm becomes a hurricane (which is projected to occur sometime on Wednesday), the National Hurricane Center has the storm well off the coast of New Jersey.

This early projection will have Bertha missing the United States all together, but making landfall in Canada.

It will get fairly close to Nova Scotia, but isn’t expected to make landfall again until it briefly passes over the outermost tip of Newfoundland and Labrador.

By that point, Bertha is expected to have downgraded significantly in power.

Remember, this is merely what the National Hurricane Center believes will happen at this point; it is still too early to know for sure the exact path or power of Bertha.

It’s possible that within the coming days, the projected path can change again and Bertha could very well be making landfall in the United States.

This is why Americans who live in areas which are known to experience hurricane weather are encouraged to take all the necessary precautions.

It never hurts to be extra careful while at the same time hoping for the best.

Image via Wikimedia Commons