Mississippi Tornado Weather Possible Early Next Week


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This year's long, long winter is finally over and warmer weather is bringing people out of their houses in the Midwest and Eastern U.S. The coming of spring, however, doesn't mean the nation's weather troubles are quite over yet.

After winter weather pushed back this year's tornado season, it appears that some severe weather may make up for it this weekend and early next week. The National Weather Service is predicting a strong storm to cover much of the South and Midwest starting on Sunday. The large storm should begin forming over Texas and Oklahoma on Saturday night and begin pushing East.

From there the storm is predicted to strengthen on Sunday, bringing high winds and thunderstorms to parts of Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. By Monday the storm is expected to move over parts of Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, and Kentucky.

During this period the storm could become very severe, bringing intense rain and high winds. The National Weather Service states that the "potential exists for a severe weather outbreak including strong tornadoes."

By Tuesday the storm could cover much of the eastern U.S., from Southern Michigan all the way down to Florida.

As this prediction is days in advance, there is still much uncertainty about the specifics of the storm. Though hail and tornadoes are possible, the area affected by such strong weather is likely to be smaller than the area currently threatened by the storm.

Image via the National Weather Service