Denver Tornadoes: At Least 4 Tornadoes Touched Down

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Wednesday, May 21, was a night full of severe weather for the Denver, Colorado area.

Not only did at least four tornadoes touch down, the storms brought heavy rain, intense lightning, and icy hail.

The National Weather Service reported that four tornadoes were documented in Watkins, East Denver, Aurora, Byers and Leader.

Jeff Piotrowski, a witness to the severe outbreak, told CNN that he had seen five tornadoes touch down not too far from the Denver International Airport.

"This thing is spinning up multiple tornadoes," Piotrowski recalled. "There were tornadoes on the outer ring of the circulation, ... and then there's the main tornado vortex closer to the storm."

Although the airport was not directly impacted, the storm definitely affected the flight schedules. The airport's spokeswoman Kate O'Malley explained that six planes had to be taken out of service, due to hail damage, and 38 flights had to be diverted with 90-minute delays. They also had their hotel and transit workers take shelter in their garage while the storms ravaged through the area.

The aftermath of the storm left flooded streets, and roads covered in ice; looking like a winter storm had just swept through.

No injuries have been reported.

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