Hurricane Amanda Grows Strong, Then Quickly Weakens

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Hurricane Amanda broke records over the weekend and briefly caused concern. Now it appears that the storm will pose little threat to anybody.

The Weather Channel reports that Hurricane Amanda quickly became the strongest eastern Pacific hurricane for the month of May when it became a category 4 storm on Sunday morning. Those measuring the storm found that its winds reached 155 mph. The last storm of this magnitude was previous record holder Hurricane Adolph in 2001. Its wind speed, however, only reached 145 mph.

While Amanda may have broken a record, meteorologists find no reason to be concerned. The storm formed Thursday afternoon and has been slowly making its way north-northwest towards Mexico and the Southwestern U.S. It hit a record high on Sunday, but is now quickly weakening as it makes its way to land. Meteorologists expect it to weaken to a tropical depression later this week. As such, it will pose no threat to the mainland.

That being said, some parts of America may feel the remnants of Amanda later in the week. The Desert Southwest and the Rockies may get a bit of moisture if Amanda doesn't completely vanish before it reaches land.

It may not pose a threat, but it's still an impressive storm. Check out some satellite imagery from NOAA below:

Hurricane Amanda Grows Strong And Then Quickly Weakens

Hurricane Amanda Grows Strong and Then Quickly Weakens

You can see the storm in action below:

Image via NOAA

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