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Tag: virtual reality

Microsoft Loses Faith in VR, Eliminates Entire Development Teams
Microsoft appears to have lost all confidence in virtual and mixed reality (MR), eliminating entire teams behind its development efforts....
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EU Gearing Up to Regulate the Metaverse
The metaverse may be a long way from widespread adoption, but the EU is already gearing up to regulate it....
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Meta Taps Qualcomm to Manufacture Its VR Chips
Qualcomm has scored a major contract, with Meta tapping the firm to create its virtual reality (VR) chips....
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Apple AR/VR Headset Still a Year Away
Despite rumors saying Apple will release its long-rumored AR/VR headset at this year's WWDC, a new report says it won't appear until next year....
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realityOS: Apple’s AR/VR Plans Take Shape
On the verge of Apple's WWDC 2022, a new trademark finally offers a glimpse into Apple's augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) plans....
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Startup Develops Tech to Deliver Pain in the Metaverse
H2L Technologies has developed technology to allow users to experience real pain in response to their metaverse activities....
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Internet Speeds Will Need a Major Boost for the Metaverse to Be a Reality
The metaverse — the convergence of virtual, augmented, and in-person reality — may be all the rage, but it needs faster internet speeds to succeed...
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Meta Introduces Personal Boundary Space in Virtual Reality
Meta has announced it is introducing Personal Boundary for virtual reality, in an effort to prevent harassment in the metaverse....
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Mozilla Killing Off Firefox Reality
Mozilla has announced it is killing off Firefox Reality, the company's foray into virtual reality....
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Apple Working to Head Off Defections With $180,000 Bonuses
In the battle for top talent, Apple is giving bonuses up to $180,000 to head off any potential defections to Meta....
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Intel Exec: Metaverse Will Require ‘1,000x More Computational Efficiency’
Building the metaverse may be all the rage, but at least one Intel exec says computational power must increase significantly to make it a reality....
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Apple’s Upcoming AR Headsets Will Have the Power of an M1 Mac
Apple’s new augmented reality (AR) headsets will offer M1 Mac-level performance, and is expected to hit the market in late 2022....
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Facebook Unveils Horizon Workrooms Virtual Reality Office Space
Facebook has announced Horizon Workrooms, the company’s foray into virtual reality office space....
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Virtual Reality Cadavers Poised to Revolutionize Medical School
Fisk University, T-Mobile, HTC VIVE and VictoryXR are launching one of the first 5G-powered, virtual reality (VR) human cadaver labs....
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Verizon and Dreamscape Partner on 5G Virtual Reality
Verizon and Dreamscape have announced a partnership to deliver 5G-based virtual reality (VR) innovations....
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Microsoft Scores $21.9 Billion US Army Contract for Augmented Reality Headsets
Microsoft may lose out on its $10 billion JEDI contact, but it just scored a $21.9 billion contract to provide the US Army with augmented reality (AR)...
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Boardroom Meets Holodeck: Microsoft Intros Mixed Reality Microsoft Mesh
Microsoft has introduced Microsoft Mesh, a new mixed-reality experience that could revolutionize remote work, communication and socialization....
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Apple’s Dan Riccio Reportedly Overseeing VR/AR Headset Development
Dan Riccio, Apple former head of hardware, is reportedly heading up the company’s efforts to develop a virtual and augmented reality headset....
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Live Forever…As a Microsoft Chatbot
Microsoft is developing technology that will allow it to recreate someone, dead or alive, as a chatbot....
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Verizon and Unity Partner On 5G, MEC and Digital Experiences
Verizon has announced it is partnering with Unity to help drive 5G-powered digital experiences and mobile edge computing (MEC)....
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