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5 Digital Marketing Trends You Should Be Paying Attention to in 2017
When it comes to digital marketing, content is still king. Content marketing comprised 20.3% of the digital marketing techniques implemented so far in...
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Glowstick In Microwave: “Dingaling” Learns A Lesson
Putting a glowstick in the microwave is usually not one’s idea of an awesome thing to try, but Jack thought it would be. Even though Jack’...
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Beyonce Lied To Me: Teenage Boy’s Post-Surgery Rant Goes Viral
Someone get Beyoncé on the phone! According to a very disappointed (and not too sober) teenage boy, the singer “lied to him”. Don’t worry, ther...
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Conan O’Brien Accepts ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Conan O’Brien has joined the list of celebrities and several of your Facebook friends. The talk show host admitted to being called out by many d...
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Bear Saves Crow From A Watery Demise
Under the right circumstances, when an animal finds itself in trouble, the hero who steps in and saves it might not be human at all. Instead, another ...
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Little Sadie Doesn’t Want Her Brother To Grow Up
This is one video of a crying kid that is absolutely adorable through and through. It’s one of those clips that you just know the family is going to...
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California Highway Patrol Officer Brutalizes Woman In Viral Video
It’s a disturbing viral video that is destined to cause a firestorm of race-related controversy. On Tuesday evening at about 6:00 pm, David Diaz...
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Baby Argues With Father In Cute Viral Video
This 14 month old little boy seems destined to become an awesome attorney. For now he’s simply a babbling baby desperate to make a point that his fa...
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Jimmy Johnson’s Pregame Speech Goes Viral
The marriage between sports and social media is humming along quite smoothly. So much so, it appears to be a match made in heaven. A great deal of wha...
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Long Beach Beating Victim’s Girlfriend Speaks Out
Long Beach police officers are under investigation after a video of officers beating a man was leaked on YouTube. Lee Ann Hernandez, the girlfriend of...
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Pac-12 Network Turns To Social Media To Challenge DirecTV
The televising of college football is big, big business. Remember all that college sports conference realignment stuff? That was driven by college foo...
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Dunkin’ Donuts Rant Causes Racial Stir
[Warning:] NSFW language contained in this post Earlier this week, a woman named Taylor Chapman (pictured) recorded her trip to a Dunkin’ Donuts...
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Abercrombie & Fitch: Homeless People Given the Brand’s Clothing
Last week, Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries came under fire for comments he had made years ago. The comments, brought up in a recently publi...
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‘I Will Always Love You’ Singer Escorted Off Plane
Plane flights can be hard. Given how crowded flights are, and how there is no way to escape from them after takeoff, passengers generally have to rely...
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Gas-Pump Video Staged? Looks Like It.
Last week, The Tonight Show aired a segment in which a couple was approached by a surprise newscast at a gas pump, which began talking to them, and go...
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Duncanville Student Rant Caught on VIDEO
Nearly everyone who attended High School has at least one story of an upset teacher or student storming from a classroom. Bottle up hundreds of teenag...
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Lion Kills Heron in Zoo Incident Caught on Film
Anyone who has ever been to a zoo knows that they are usually pretty docile places. The animals, being animals, mostly lounge around all day. This is ...
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These Were The 20 Most Shared Video Ads Of 2012
Unruly Media has put out its annual look at the top 20 video ads of the year, in terms of shares. While, it may not come across as an ad, exactly, the...
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Imagine Your Bros with Pet Personalities [VIDEO]
Sorry people of the internet, but cats are jerks. I know, I know, YOUR cat is affectionate – but in all honesty most cats don’t really nee...
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Donna the Deer Lady Learns What Deer Crossing Signs Are For
DJ’s who take calls on the radio know that there are a lot of misinformed people in the world. Most of the time, the crazy ranting consists of c...
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