Lion Kills Heron in Zoo Incident Caught on Film

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Anyone who has ever been to a zoo knows that they are usually pretty docile places. The animals, being animals, mostly lounge around all day.

This is especially true for big cats, which don't seem to have temperaments much different from the house cats all of us on the internet are so familiar with. However, big cats still possess their hunting instincts, and an unfortunate heron took this fact for granted at an Amsterdam zoo recently.

The incident was caught on video by zoo-goers. It shows the heron innocently striding along the water in the Lion enclosure before a lioness takes notice. The heron gets only a spit-second to try and fly away before the lioness takes him down. A very excited younger lion then tries to get in on the action, taking the dying bird away and promptly losing it.

If you've ever wondered how your cat catches those birds it leaves on you doorstep, the video below is a good approximation.

If that video hasn't sated your thirst for zoo animals, you can also check out the video of drunken monkeys that National Geographic uploaded this week.

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