Beyonce Lied To Me: Teenage Boy's Post-Surgery Rant Goes Viral

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Someone get Beyoncé on the phone! According to a very disappointed (and not too sober) teenage boy, the singer “lied to him”.

Don’t worry, there’s is no terrible new scandal on the way for the “Flawless” singer.

Seventeen-year-old Cody Lanphere of Benson, N.C. had dental surgery, which involved the removal of his wisdom teeth.

With that type of surgery usually comes the kind of anesthesia that not only prevents pain, but also makes you very likely to babble hilarious nonsense.

The kind of hilarious nonsense that quickly goes viral.

Mom Christine Weber Livingston uploaded the video “Beyoncé never showed”, on September 29th.

It has since amassed over 270,000 views and is quickly gaining popularity. It's safe to assume it'll be awhile before the emotional young man being filmed lives his doped-up declarations down.

In the video we learn that Cody was very disappointed that Beyoncé wasn’t waiting in his car, but he was ready to go and meet the singer….in Africa.

Not too long after this the teen begins to panic about his heart, thinking that the vital organ has somehow gone missing.

Cody’s mom, who continuously laughed at her son's medically-induced bewilderment, assured him that it was still in his chest.

There's also uncontrollable sobbing, questions about what a chin is, declarations that he was about to die, and many more schadenfreude-tastic gems.

This is but the latest in a slew of post-dental videos to go viral.

The most famous is of course “David After Dentist”:

Many are now wondering two things about this increasingly viral video:

- Has Beyoncé seen it yet?

- Will she “keep her promise” to this young man by reaching out at some point?

It is possible the singer may respond in the near future.



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She let her feelings be known shortly after SNL actors performed a skit called “The Beygency”, which was based on her more obsessive fans .

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