Bear Saves Crow From A Watery Demise


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Under the right circumstances, when an animal finds itself in trouble, the hero who steps in and saves it might not be human at all.

Instead, another animal may save the day.

In the case of a drowning crow, the hero was rather unexpected: a grizzly bear.

A viral video recorded at Budapest Zoo shows a grizzly pushing something that was literally stuck between a rock in a hard place out into the open water of the pond.

It is revealed that Vali, the grizzly bear, had freed a crow.

The bear obviously expected the crow to just fly away after being trapped because the animal initially starts to wander away.

However the crow can’t take off because (of course) crows are not water birds. Instead the bird cried out frantically and flapped its wings in a useless gesture.

The crow managed to move to the corner of the small pond, but it was clearly unable to climb up to freedom.

Things looked grim for the bird.

Suddenly Vali, realizing the situation the bird was in, reached down into the water using its teeth and claws to gently scoop the terrified bird out of the pond.

Instead of eating the bird, as many would expect, the grizzly bear laid the crow down with a gentle plop, safe outside of the pond.

Vali then turned and ambled away to eat something else, meanwhile the crow worked to get itself flipped upright.

The crow didn’t immediately take off, and appeared to be shaken by the bizarre situation.

The little bird seemed to stare at the grizzly in wonder, meanwhile Vali had already gone on about its business, as if the rescue were no big deal.

The video, which was posted on YouTube about a month ago, has already garnered over four million views. Take a look for yourself!

Image via YouTube