Baby Argues With Father In Cute Viral Video

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This 14 month old little boy seems destined to become an awesome attorney. For now he’s simply a babbling baby desperate to make a point that his father barely understands.

The star of the viral video “You can’t reason with babies” is the son of YouTuber Ryan Delehanty. The man is filmed engaging in a spirited debate with his infant son.

The fact that no one understands a word the little guy is saying does not deter him. First he points toward his mother (who seems to be filming) and babbles in an animated fashion. His father then "interprets" the baby's nonsense words as a complaint about what a slave driver she is. Delehanty probably got swatted for that later on.

Then the baby started pointing outside. This is when the London native put his foot down. The toddler was informed that he could not venture outside because he could fall. In an adorably hilarious turn of events, the baby seemed to offer waddle in another direction, but was promptly told he’d still fall.

The youngster would not back down, determined to have his old man see reason about something. Whether it was going outside, being able to help with the laundry, or a need to turn the lights on is anyone’s guess.

No one is too worried about trying to figure out what was on the toddler’s mind. The viral video has already accumulated 870,000 views within the past week. Fans of the video remark on how cute the dialogue is.

The fact that the baby attempts to debate and interact with adults has drawn some comparisons to Family Guy’s Stewie Griffin. Well at least the English accent would make sense.

One commenter said of the exchange, “It also goes to show you that each generation of children born are more aware and communicate at a higher level than the previous generations.”

Another asked who actually won the debate.

Well, seeing as the baby boy was still inside and not allowed outside with good old dad, I would mark it as his father having won the battle.

However, a kid this mouthy while still in diapers suggests that the war of nonsense words is far from over.

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