Jimmy Johnson's Pregame Speech Goes Viral

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The marriage between sports and social media is humming along quite smoothly. So much so, it appears to be a match made in heaven. A great deal of what happens in the sports world can be presented in highlight form, and this abridged format is a great fit for the quick bursts of rich media content the Internet population loves to share. And then there are special events related to sports that were seemingly made to be shared with others. Take, for instance, Jimmy Johnson's make believe pregame speech he gave to the Jacksonville Jaguars, a team that, before their game against the Denver Broncos, was the biggest betting underdog in NFL history.

Considering the NFL's--and its supporting entities'--utter embrace of everything social media related, Jacksonville's underdog status provided the folks at NFL Fox Sunday the perfect opportunity to create some viral content in the form of Johnson's fiery speech. Whatever your feelings are towards Johnson, his impeccable hair deserves all the recognition in the world:

There are also a few animated gifs of Johnson in action, as is standard operating procedure for the blogosphere when, well, anything pop culture related happens. Here's a good one of Johnson throwing some verbal fire and brimstone:

Jimmy Johnson

During the telecast of New England Patriots/New Orleans Saints game on Fox, analyst Troy Aikman was overheard saying Johnson's speech was trending really high on Twitter, which shouldn't come as a surprise when you consider just how well sports in general do regarding Twitter trends. A quick search of the #JimmysJagSpeech hashtag reveals that Aikman wasn't wrong:

[Gif courtesy of FTW/USA Today] [Lead image courtesy of Fox Sports]

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