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Foxconn Abandons $19.5 Billion India Semiconductor Plant
Foxconn is pulling out of a joint venture with Indian company Vedanta to establish a new semiconductor plant in India....
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South Korea Charges Ex-Samsung Employee With Stealing Secrets
the semiconductor war is heating up, with South Korea charging a former Samsung exec for stealing plans to create a similar factory in China....
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China’s Top Chipmaker YMTC Gets State-Backed $7 Billion Infusion
China is pulling out all the stops to boost its semiconductor industry, with its top firm receiving a major infusion from state-backed investors....
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UK Plans to Subsidize Domestic Semiconductor Production
The UK plans to subsidize its semiconductor industry in an effort to bring more production in-country....
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Semiconductor Delivery Times Shrink by Four Days
The tech industry received some of the best news it’s had in years, with delivery times for semiconductors shrinking by four days in September....
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Analyst: US Sanctions Have ‘Collapsed’ China’s Semiconductor Industry
The Biden Administration has been cracking down on China’s semiconductor industry, utterly crippling it, according to one analyst....
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Semiconductor Bill Passes the House
The $280 billion semiconductor bill, aimed at helping revitalize the US chip industry, has overcome its final hurdle, passing in the US House....
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Skilled Labor: The Next Supply Chain Issue for Chipmakers
The last two years have been difficult for the semiconductor industry, but chipmakers are facing one of their biggest challenges yet: a skilled labor ...
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Samsung May Spend Almost $200 Billion on 11 Texas Plants
Samsung may be looking to significantly ramp up its chip production, with a possible $200 billion investment in 11 Texas plants....
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GM Shutting Down Indiana Pickup Truck Plant Over Chip Shortage
GM is shutting down its Fort Wayne, Indiana pickup truck factory for two weeks as a result of the semiconductor shortage....
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Nvidia May Use Intel’s Foundry Services
Intel may score a major foundry customer in the form of Nvidia, one of the biggest semiconductor purchasers in the industry....
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Intel Working to Buy Tower Semiconductor For $6 Billion
Intel is preparing to purchase Tower Semiconductor for $5 billion, the latest move in the company's attempt to regain its standing in the industry....
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Nvidia Likely Abandoning Arm Acquisition
After months of intense scrutiny and delays, it appears Nvidia is preparing to abandon its attempts to acquire Arm Holding....
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Want Week-Long Battery Life on Your Phone? IBM and Samsung May Deliver
IBM and Samsung are working on a new way to stack semiconductor transistors that may result in phones with week-long battery life....
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Brexit May Have Cost the UK an Intel Factory
Intel has ruled out the possibility of building a factory in the UK, thanks to Brexit....
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AMD Ready to Manufacture Arm Chips
AMD is ready to manufacture Arm chips, despite it being a competing platform....
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Intel Wins Pentagon Contract for US-Made Chips
Intel has won part of a $100 million contract to build US-made chips for the Pentagon, a win for the company’s upcoming foundry division....
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Toyota Will Cut Worldwide Production 40% in September
Toyota is the latest automaker to experience issues as a result of the semiconductor shortage, cutting production 40% in September....
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Intel Beats Expectations on Q2 Results
Intel reported its Q2 results, beating expectations on strong semiconductor demand....
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Intel May Be Trying to Buy GlobalFoundries
Intel may be making a major play in the semiconductor industry, attempting to purchase GlobalFoundries....
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