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Tag: Robotics

Move Over Data: Tesla Looking to Create Humanoid Robot
Tesla is looking to create a humanoid robot that is sure to draw comparisons to Star Trek’s beloved android Data....
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Google Looks to Reinvent Industrial Robots With Intrinsic
Google has launched Intrinsic from X, its moonshot factory, in an effort to reinvent industrial robots....
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Boston Dynamics’ Robots Dance Together
Boston Dynamics’ robots showed some impressive dance skills, with four robots dancing to The Contours’ Do You Love Me....
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Raspberry Pi 400 Is a $70 Desktop PC In a Keyboard
The Raspberry Pi Foundation has just released the Raspberry Pi 400, a desktop PC in a keyboard....
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H-E-B Partners With Swisslog For Curbside Delivery Robotics
H-E-B is planning to use Swisslog robots to improve its curbside delivery services through the use of micro-fulfillment centers....
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IBM and AT&T Deepen Their 5G/Edge Computing Partnership
IBM and AT&T are deepening their 5G and edge computing partnership, with the goal of accelerating the business world’s digital transformation....
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Robot Analyzes Your Gait to Detect Your Feelings
Researchers at the University of Maryland have developed ProxEmo, an “end-to-end emotion prediction algorithm for socially aware robot navigation am...
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Walmart and Nuro Partner For Autonomous Grocery Delivery in Texas
Walmart and Nuro have partnered to bring driverless grocery delivery to Houston, Texas, according to an announcement Nuro posted on Medium. Nuro is a ...
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Better-Paid, White-Collar Jobs Most Threatened By AI
In a recent Brookings Institution report, authors Mark Muro, Jacob Whiton and Robert Maxim make the case that better-paid, white-collar professionals ...
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LG Shakes Up Leadership, Appoints Mobile Head to CEO
LG has announced another shakeup of its leadership, appointing Brian Kwon to the post of CEO. Brian Kwon headed LG’s TV division until he was put in...
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Massachusetts Police Department Tests Robot Dog Spot
Boston Dynamics unveiled a robot dog named Spot in September and now, according to CNN, a Massachusetts police department has put the dog through its ...
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Every Sector of the Economy is Going to Benefit From Robotics and AI
“We are on the cusp of ubiquitous automation,” says ROBO Global President William Studebaker. “We have an undeniable inflection point because of...
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5G Will Enable the Industrial Revolution
We've been talking about 5G for a very long time and now the opportunity is really here, says Kathrin Buvac, President and CSO of Nokia Enterprise. �...
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Rakuten Super Logistics To Open 6 New Ecommerce Fulfillment Centers
The recent USPS shipping structure changes will increase retailers shipping costs, says Rakuten CEO Mike Manzione. What Rakuten does is help retailers...
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Geek+ Robotics CEO Says There is No Strong Competitor Outside of China
The CEO of Geek Plus Robotics, a China-based company, says they don’t see any strong competition outside of China and this includes the United State...
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Google’s Humanoid Robot Can Stalk You Through the Woods Now
In that’s just wonderful news, the Google-owned Boston Dynamics is now testing its ATLAS humanoid robot outdoors, which led to this incredibly c...
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Vacuum Maker Not Impressed With Google’s Driverless Cars
Neato Robotics put out a fun late Friday press release asking what the big deal is about Google’s driverless cars. As you’ve probably hear...
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You Can Now Build Your Very Own 3D Printed Humanoid Robot
Are you lonely? Can’t find a partner and/or pet to make the journey we call life more bearable? Would a humanoid robot buddy make living less of...
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This 3D Printer Can Print On Any Surface
Despite being around for over two decades, the 3D printer hasn’t really changed all that much. You still have an extruder that moves in straight...
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The Future of The Battlefield Has Robots With Legs
Imagine a battlefield. Your back is pressed against the wall of a crumbling and shaking building, dust collects in your face, and your ears ring from ...
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