Boston Dynamics’ Robots Dance Together

Boston Dynamics’ robots showed some impressive dance skills, with four robots dancing to The Contours’ Do You Love Me.

Raspberry Pi 400 Is a $70 Desktop PC In a Keyboard

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has just released the Raspberry Pi 400, a desktop PC in a keyboard.

H-E-B Partners With Swisslog For Curbside Delivery Robotics

H-E-B is planning to use Swisslog robots to improve its curbside delivery services through the use of micro-fulfillment centers.

IBM and AT&T Deepen Their 5G/Edge Computing Partnership

IBM and AT&T are deepening their 5G and edge computing partnership, with the goal of accelerating the business world’s digital transformation.

Robot Analyzes Your Gait to Detect Your Feelings

Researchers at the University of Maryland have developed ProxEmo, an “end-to-end emotion prediction algorithm for socially aware robot navigation among pedestrians.”

Walmart and Nuro Partner For Autonomous Grocery Delivery in Texas

Walmart and Nuro have partnered to bring driverless grocery delivery to Houston, Texas, according to an announcement Nuro posted on Medium. Nuro is a robotics company specializing in electric, self-driving vehicles. The company already operates a delivery service in Houston…

Better-Paid, White-Collar Jobs Most Threatened By AI

In a recent Brookings Institution report, authors Mark Muro, Jacob Whiton and Robert Maxim make the case that better-paid, white-collar professionals are most at risk of losing their jobs to artificial intelligence. As the report points out, past studies have…

LG Shakes Up Leadership, Appoints Mobile Head to CEO

LG has announced another shakeup of its leadership, appointing Brian Kwon to the post of CEO. Brian Kwon headed LG’s TV division until he was put in charge of the company’s ailing mobile business in 2018, where he succeeded in…

Massachusetts Police Department Tests Robot Dog Spot

Boston Dynamics unveiled a robot dog named Spot in September and now, according to CNN, a Massachusetts police department has put the dog through its paces. The Massachusetts State Police deployed Spot alongside its bomb squad for 90 days to…

Every Sector of the Economy is Going to Benefit From Robotics and AI

“We are on the cusp of ubiquitous automation,” says ROBO Global President William Studebaker. “We have an undeniable inflection point because of the performance capabilities of computing and the cost curve declining such that these now are technologies that used…