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Tag: Robotics

That Cheetah Robot Is Back With No Wires Attached
In September of last year, DARPA introduced the world to its cheetah robot. It can run at speeds up to 29 MPH, but it posed no threat to humanity as i...
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Prosthetic Legs Are Becoming Even More Incredible
Prosthetics are slowly but surely moving into the world of robotics. Earlier this year, a man was able to control a robotic hand by simply using his m...
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Watch This Robot Perform Stand-Up Comedy
Stand-up comedy is an art form that not many people will ever perfect. For every Louis C.K., there’s a thousand Last Comic Standing rejects. Tha...
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Here’s Another Look At DARPA’s ATLAS Robot
Last week, DARPA introduced the world to ATLAS – a robot that walks like a man, and can regain its balance after being hit by a 20 lb. wrecking ...
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This Robot Can Survive Being Hit By A Wrecking Ball
I thought that maybe DARPA would hold off on making killer robots for a while, but the defense contractor is back at it again what it calls “one...
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This Robot Cat Has Dreams Of Becoming A Cheetah
What’s up with researchers making robots that mimic terrifying animals? MIT has already doomed us all with its cheetah bot, and now researchers ...
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MIT Now Has Their Own Super Fast Robot Cheetah
In September of last year, Boston Dynamics introduced the world to a cheetah robot that you could never hope to outrun. With a max speed of 28.3 mph, ...
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This Baseball-Playing Robot Is Leading The Charge In Artificial Brain Reearch
Super Baseball 2020 predicted a future where robots and cybernetically enhanced humans competed on the diamond for our enjoyment. Now some research at...
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These Robots Work Together Using Advanced Artificial Intelligence
A single robot can accomplish great, and terrifying, feats. What happens then when the robots start working together towards a common goal? One resear...
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This Robot Jellyfish Will One Day Patrol Our Oceans
Scientists have a fascination with taking animals, turning them into robots and making them far more terrifying. DARPA has been doing this for years, ...
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Scientists Outfit A Drone With A Claw, Because Why Not?
Drones are not exactly frightening. The little quadcopters that we’ve seen delivering pizza and tacos are actually kind of cute as far as heartl...
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Get Your Own Robot Bartender For $499
Sci-fi bars usually have a robot bartender, and for good reason. The algorithmic mixtures of the robot ensure that each drink is always perfect. Now t...
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DARPA Trains BigDog To Throw Cinder Blocks
I think we’ve been too hard on DARPA. They’re not trying to incite the robot apocalypse. They’re just trying to create machines that...
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This Robot Cube Can Walk, Jump And Balance Itself
Cubes are relatively stationary objects. You can throw them around, sure, but it’s hard to see them as being autonomous. One robotics lab did ju...
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Why Would You Ever Give A Chainsaw To A Robot?
A favorite story of mine growing up was “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.” It was an excellent beginner’s guide to the rule of causatio...
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For $99, You Can Buy Your Very Own Robotic Dragonfly
Big robots are scary. Just take one look at any of the large robots that populate our world, and you’re bound to find one that will invade your ...
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C++ Is Powering The Future Of Robots And Dance
Developers and programmers use a variety of programming languages to get things done. C++ is one of the more complicated languages to learn, but its u...
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Norwegian Engineer Creates The Morph Ball Spider Robot Of My Dreams
Robots tend to be a touchy subject for me. I am constantly terrified of their potential to rule over the human race with a literal iron fist, but some...
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Having Trouble Losing Weight? This Robot Can Help
The journey to losing weight is one fraught with peril. I’ve tried many times in the past to start exercising to better myself, but it’s t...
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DARPA Is Back With A New And Improved Robot Mule
DARPA and Boston Dynamics are going to be the heralds of the Robot Apocalypse. The two organizations have done more in the field of powerful robots th...
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